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Types of call: trustworthy number(27) Unknown(22) Harassment calls(4) Cost trap(4) Telemarketer(1)
Name / Company: Amazon (13) unknown(22) Amazon Customer Service(3) amazon(2) Amazon logistics(1) phony amazon(1) Fake Amazon(1) amazon scam(1) fake amazon caller(1) Amazon Customer Service(1) Amazon Call Back Number(1) Amazon Customer Care(1) Amazon?(1) Amazon Customer Support (call back)(1) Amazon Customer Support(1) Amazon???(1) Amazon Support(1) Sears (but then said Amazon)(1) Private(1) NOT AMAZON(1) +1 206-922-0880 (AMAZON!)(1) "amazon"(1) more...
Number of comments: 71 (deleted: 1)
Search requests: 51206
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 2069220880

Telephone number: 206-9220880
Owner and address: Details
City : Washington - Seattle - USA, Canada

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Comments for 2069220880 (58 total, ordered by date)

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  1. mjb reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    I have no idea what's up with people insisting this is a scam. It is absolutely Amazon customer service. I have been talking to them multiple times this evening because of ongoing trouble with an Amazon restaurant delivery. Seriously. It's Amazon.

  2. voteCrosby reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    I had a technical issue with electronics I purchased from Amazon. I put in a request on the website asking them to call me. When they did (almost immediately) this is the number they called from. I almost didn't answer because the caller ID said "nuisance likely". If it isn't them, and is actually a hacker, then the hacker was kind enough to ship me a replacement for a defective product from Amazon without asking for any personal or payment information, using only Amazon's records and without me getting billed again. Pretty sure this is legitimately Amazon.

  3. JJay reported Amazon Customer Support with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    It was just Amazon customer service following up on item/dispute. Dont freak out y'all. Its not a scam.

  4. Billy reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    The phone rang, I was placed on hold and when someone claiming to be an Amazon rep came on, they asked me for the name on the account...which I don't have an account associated with this number! Don't know if it's legit or not but some others have suggested a request for callback with the wrong number entered is to blame. Idk tho

  5. Jerryf reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    Very competent Amazon Rep returning call to me after we were disconnected. He just did what he said he would do! He was located in a call center outside the USA- which I already. He was the kind of help we all wish we would get!

  6. theblackwidow reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    If they don't leave a voicemail, why should I believe any of you claiming this number is legit?! I never answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. If it is a valid call, they leave a message. If it's a scam, they do not.

  7. BambamNJ reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    This is Amazon. Here is the issue some people are probably having. The way Amazon's support line works is you type in your # and they call you. If someone type in their number wrong then the Amazon support line calls someone else (like you) instead of the correct person. So those on here that think they are getting a Telemarketing call are most likely just cases of someone entering an incorrect phone # or it's someone SPOOFING the Amazon support #.

  8. the dragon reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number. I called the number back a while later, and they said they were Amazon, and asked for personal contact info. I hung up and contacted Amazon through their site and had them call me. We discussed the call, and I was told they did in fact call my cell phone at the time I received the call, and we spoke about why they called.

  9. Watson reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    Supposedly Amazon. Called 4 times in quick succession, finally leaving a voicemail. The voicemail did leave the legit amazon logistics number for me to call, but then I called amazon directly because I thought it was suspicious (the voicemail referred to an email regarding the issue that would be sent but I never received).

    Amazon unequivocally told me that this number I received a call from was NOT associated with Amazon. I’m assuming the other posters who are verifying this number as legit are likely referring to the number that is left in the voicemail (or they have been thoroughly scammed).

    I’d also like to point out that after I received this call, my confirmations of delivery came through from Amazon via text and on the website. Clearly there had been no actual issue with the delivery that I had to deal with as the caller had claimed.

  10. Billi reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    Pretty convincing imitation of an Amazon rep. Easy to check; call Amazon for yourself, they will verify this number is a scam. Know that scammers will post onto this board claiming they are legit, they are not.

  11. Annonamous reported +1 206-922-0880 (AMAZON!) with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    I didnt recognize it at first, they called 2x in as many mins and left no mssg', with the # saying 'Washington' below and looking similar in nature to so many other past bs calls i automatically assumed it to be some bs intent ph. call. I googled # and saw people suggesting it to be Amazon so the next time i got a call from this # I answered and it was Amazon. Number is totally legit!!!!

  12. Chase reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    The person called me, said they were calling about a package that had been delivered, and then asked who he was speaking with. I replied, Who do you think you're speaking with?

    He then replied, thank you for your time and hung up.

  13. W S Zimmer reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    Real is Amazon and they are great to do business with

  14. KASEY reported NOT AMAZON with the number 2069220880 as Unknown


    John replied 2018-04-20 02:49:42
  15. Nick reported Private with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number


  16. Léon reported amazon with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    well i hit the call customer service, it said wait for the phone to ring. i think it was about 3 after seconds my phone rang , with this number. talked to agent about order and issues. awaiting next elevated level of customer service. IF i did not want to give said information of verification it was not required to escalate said call. Phone or email contact is next given. no issues.

  17. IDontHaveAnAmazonAcct reported Sears (but then said Amazon) with the number 2069220880 as Harassment calls

    I received an email from a supposed Sears employee rep who had a *customer* who was frantic and dramatic, demanding. When I started to go over the terms of the warranty and information, she was verbal and more dramatic, and he or they hung up on me. No doubt wanted free stuff and did not want to comply with terms of warranty.

  18. Apatheticpanda reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    Fake lol

  19. manny reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    I emailed amazon on possible fraud/hacking into my account. almost immediately get a call from this 206 prefix number. the guy on the other line stumbled as i asked him "how do I know this is really and not some hacker dude trying to get more info from me...."
    I hung up and called Amazon customer service myself. Poor guy- hope he doesn't get fired because of me.....LOL

  20. Sol reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    Amazon rep calling back to check on a question I had. Very nice and polite.

  21. Kim reported Amazon Support with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    Just Amazon customer support following up on a request I submitted.

  22. Doug reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    Just Amazon calling to get permission to leave a package on my doorstep because I'm not home. They didn't ask for any personal information other than my name. I gave them permission, less than 30 seconds later I received an email from Amazon that my package was delivered.

  23. Doc reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    WARNING! This number contacted me claiming to be from Amazon asking for personal information.

    I contacted Amazon, and they said this number is NOT associated with them and encouraged me to reset my password.

  24. Mark reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    From what I can tell, if you were called by this number and didn't request it, you should check to make sure your amazon account wasn't hacked. This is the number I talked to amazon on after my account was hacked, after talking to them my account was fixed.

  25. klbflowers reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as Harassment calls

    I think someone is tracking/hacking Amazon emails. I chatted with a customer service rep about redeeming a gift card that had an unreadable claim code. It got to the point where I had to send Amazon a scan of my card. The rep I was chatting with told me that I would be contacted via *email* when they received mine.

    Later in the day I get a call to my google voice number in my email signature, opposed to the number that I have on file with my Amazon account. They say that it is possible that I set up a call from them - I did not.

    Also, the Google Voice voicemail transcript I received from the initial call says it was opened by a person named "Sarah" and ends with a person named "Charles." I don't think those names sound the same.

  26. Fefe LeBron Pearson reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    Received a call from Amazon delivery driver needing the access code for our gated neighborhood. I was able to remotely open the gate and received my Amazon order.

  27. ConfusedAsHell reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    i didn't pick up the phone call because i didn't even recognize the area code, but they left a message which was good because i could check that. now im SUPER confused about what's going on because when i go to check my voice mail i get forwarded to calling them back and never hear a message. this is the most confusing thing since i've never had this happened before.

    i just emailed amazon for help about an order and they called. do you think they have some sort of order tracker thing where if someone asks amazon for help, they get notified?

    also, a guy named Josh keeps picking up, i'd tell him my name, he'd ignore me, and then said i'm going to hang up to answer another customer call. what the hell you guys

  28. Penn082 reported Amazon Customer Service with the number 2069220880 as Harassment calls

    Called claiming to be Amazon and that they would forward the email detailing my conversation with a customer representative from the other day. I thought it was suspect that they requested my name, email, and billing address when they CALLED ME and could just email whatever they were talking about. In addition, when I pressed about the conversation, the individual said, "it was about your package." Wow, really? Not even that creative.

    Anyways, I didn't give them any info and called Amazon customer service. They confirmed that the caller was a fraud.

    Don't give out any information to these guys!

    Kevin replied 2017-03-20 00:17:46
    Your a f**ckin moron
    John replied 2018-04-20 02:52:39
  29. mousmess reported amazon with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    amazon cust. support

  30. Rania reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    Amazon Customer Service

  31. Jon reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    It's Amazon. They'll ask you for your address and email address to verify who you are. They pretty much told me everything about my account after that. No scammer can do that.

  32. JPP reported Amazon with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    This was Amazon calling about a customer service issue. I know it was legit because a friend of mine was also on the phone with them.
    The quality of the call was HORRIBLE and the caller was in the Philippines with very bad English.

    Luśo replied 2017-01-18 16:18:52
    How to block it, they are calling me a hunderd times per a day
  33. honda4fun reported Amazon??? with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    Like others comments here, my call was from Amazon. Not sure if it's real or not (waiting for confirmation). The call was about my seller account--which I don't have. Better yet, the call came at 4:40 this am. GRRR I didn't pick up as it showed it was a Washington #. 13 minutes later, another call. I picked up and it was an automated msg. By the time I realized what it was, I missed the options and it put me in queue for the next available operator. HUH? Also, not bad enough they woke me up in the middle of the night, but they are placing calls to my cell phone!

  34. magus reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as Harassment calls

    Called at 10:43am EST, I did not answer but they left a message telling me to call them back about a failed charge for an incorrect credit card, which I didn't. They then called back at 12:47pm EST saying they were Amazon again. The best part was when they said that they would come to my house to collect their fee. I asked them for my e-mail address, which they got wrong. I then asked for verification again and they said I was somewhere in china, which is totally wrong cause I'm in the USA. Just ignore these people. I got my whole phone call recorded and I will bring it to the people after lunch. Be on guard people, just ignore them.

  35. Nummerdetailseite_Leaderboard_Kommentarliste_3: 0 complain
  36. John reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    I called Office Depot inquiring about some Rewards Points. Entirely different number. Talked to female who identified herself as JOY. Five minutes later at 1413 on 12/01 I received a call from Amazon Cus Svc. Obviously the same voice. Said I had no complaints. She proceeded to call 3 more times in 30 minutes. Just padding her call sheet? I did not know that Office Depot and Amazon had anything to do with each other.

  37. Tracy reported Amazon? with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    This number called after I hung up on Amazon Customer Service because the wait was too long and I had figured out the answer. The woman on the line immediately asked to verify my information from Amazon, I told her I already found what I needed, she replied, "No, I still need to verify your information." I told her she didn't and she kept repeating herself. After the 3rd time and still protesting no, I told her I felt uncomfortable, and I do not need help and hung up. A few seconds later she called back asking for my information AGAIN so she could transfer me. I told her again, no, this sounds like a scam, and now I am actually scared. She said, "No, you are not scared, just give me your information so I can transfer you". I then yelled at her to "Stop, stop, stop, I do not want you to call anymore, I do not need help, and I do not want anything from you, I am scared, BYE!". She then called AGAIN, insisting I give her information to transfer. I hung up, and blocked the number. I literally told this woman I was scared, needed no help, and did not want to be connected anywhere. Scam or for real, if it was Amazon then it was the most unprofessional service I ever had and if it was a scam...then they scared the heck out of me and must have intercepted my number from when I called.

    PS - Called Amazon right after (between writing this) to verify the number and they said they are not affiliated with that number and to not give my information to them.

    angel8304 replied 2016-12-02 03:03:11
    This is sooo scarey. I called because my Seller Account is down and it says even the Seller Account phone number is down so I went on Amazon and this thing popped up to call me immediately. I called for help. They asked for my email address and then they wanted the last four of my credit card. When I refused they kept me on the phone for 40 minutes unable to help me or even get a supervisor to help because I wouldn't give them a credit card number. They have to be scammers for Amazon has terrible policies. How do you know amazon's real #'s????
    jen replied 2016-12-09 17:02:50
    I've been locked out of my Amazon for months. I requested Amazon assistance online and I for a call at this number called me with someone who didn't know anything about the company but said there was an investigation on my account and I said this makes no sense so he transferred me so I went from Indian guy Nigerian sounding guy and he just wanted to verify my address and my telephone number and to make sure that was a telephone number associated with my bank and ask him any questions about my bank and I finally said shouldn't I just open a new Amazon account if this one has and hung up it definitely seems like a scam but there's no way to reach Amazon any other way than to request them to call you.
  38. Naomi reported unknown with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    AMAZON customer service number

  39. Brian Radford reported Amazon Customer Service with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    This is most definitely Amazon's customer service call back number. I requested they call me when they had more news about some UV codes that were missing from a product I purchased and the girl I was talking to called me back from this number right on schedule.

  40. Paige reported Amazon Customer Support (call back) with the number 2069220880 as trustworthy number

    Yes this actually is Amazon. I called them because Amazon Logistics is absolutely terrible. They said they delivered a package that I never got. Amazon said they would call back Tuesday (today) to see if I still hadn't received it. I completely forgot about this and googled the number. I almost didn't call back because of the people saying it was a scam. And someone said it redirects you to the Philippines? Anyway, they called again and left a voicemail. I called back and it even says thank you for calling Amazon and goes through all of the normal customer service options. I confirmed my email address for the account, name, billing address, and last 4 digits of my order number (YES they do actually need that for security purposes, don't be a stubborn idiot, customer service jobs are irritating enough), and I told them I still hadn't received it. They refunded me the $26.98 to my credit card. It has already posted.

  41. Bensalem_Al reported Amazon logistics with the number 2069220880 as Unknown

    Claimed to be from Amazon logistics, then asked for my name. I told her "you tell me my called me...and if you're really from Amazon then you know my name already". She kept insisting that "for security reasons" she wasn't allowed to tell me my name. I told her I would ask the question one more time and if she didn't tell me my name I was hanging up...and that's exactly what I did. If this really was Amazon then shame on them for their asinine approach in this day & age of scams and identity theft.

    cHURCH replied 2016-10-11 02:05:12
    people like you are kind of retarded. What can someone possibly steal from you with your name and phone number? Just relax hive your name and then if you don't want to talk to them when they tell you why you're calling then hang up on them.

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