phonenumber list top spammers
phonenumber list top spammers
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Would you like to know who called you?

This is how tellows works

We've all had to deal with the same thing. Your phone rings 24/7 and shows no sign of stopping, but if ever you should pick up, all you hear is the incessant yabbering of a telemarketer or nothing at all. You're infuriated by the anonymous calls jamming your phone line. Is there some way of finding out who is on the other end? Do you pick up or leave it ringing? Who is calling?
Sound familiar? There are thousands of people asking the same question every day. In response to this universal problem, tellows functions as an online database of telephone numbers associated with spam and scam activity reported by you, our users. By sharing your experiences with unknown numbers, you'll be providing vital warning information to other users unsure about whether or not to trust a certain caller. The more information is shared, the bigger the database grows and thus the chance of finding out who's at the end of that anonymous call becomes higher and higher. Thanks to the tellows app you can identify unknown callers on your iPhone and Android! Whilst you are at it, take a look at our various other useful tools in our tellows shop today.
Here at, not only can we provide up-to-date information on regional nuisance-call trends and currently active numbers with the heatmap, we also pinpoint the origin of your call and display it on a map by identifying the prefix.
Used by over 200,000 people daily, tellows provides its services to people in over 47 countries, but is geared specifically towards those residing in North America. Want to hear more? We have some light reading material that might be of interest to you. Check out our tellows blog for news on the latest scams, tellows products and updates in telecoms regulations that affect you or grab a copy of our free tellows magazine,which came together after our many years of experience on the subject of telephone terror and scams. This not only includes important background information about phone fraud but the methodology behind it.

Recently added comments

  1. Rae reported unknown with the number 4074047359 as Unknown

    I've been getting calls from this number since I enrolled in Hilton honor program upon staying in one of their hotels. Hilton is probably selling our phone numbers to these other 'vacation' agencies. They call, leave no message, but continue to call almost daily.

    4074047359 (Florida - Greater Orlando) - View details and comments - 2
  2. Penny reported Unknown with the number 001373 as Unknown

    I would not have answered if I was fully awake and had my glasses on. I said hello twice and nothing. As I was disconnecting I heard something but could not discern what it was since the phone was away from my ear by then. I just feel I should not have answered.

    001373 () - View details and comments - 1
  3. iPhone reported Verizon Wireles with the number 011523221460493 as Harassment calls

    Acosa a las mujeres

    011523221460493 (Jalisco) - View details and comments - 1
  4. Issokay reported Perry/Terry with the number 8445512829 as Unknown

    Left message and said his name was Perry or Terry, it wasn't clear enough to tell- Asked for me by my first and last name even though I don't provide my name or number in my voicemail greeting. I also request that callers tell me who they are, who they represent, and exactly WHY they're calling, otherwise they will not receive a call back. The call I received was actually from a different number: 832-603-4657 but the person, Perry/Terry, who left a message, told me to call back at this number (844)551-2829
    The tone of voice the guy had was odd, sort of serious/business/authoritarian/yet not trying to be. As if they were ordering me to contact him if I knew who he was calling about, without actually using words that were demanding. Just sounded odd... I haven't been able to find ANY information about either the phone number he called from, nor the phone number he told me to call back on. I'd like to know if anyone knows anything about this.

    8445512829 (Toll-Free) - View details and comments - 1
  5. Issokay reported Perry with the number 8326034657 as Unknown

    I didn't answer, but he left a message. Said his name was Perry. My outgoing voicemail greeting clearly states that if anyone wants to be called back they must tell me who they are and who they represent as well as exactly why they are calling, otherwise they will not be called back. "Perry" only said his name, not why he called or who he represented. Asked for me by first and last name even though I don't say my name on my VM greeting. I don't know why they called, but on the message he left, he asked me to call back at a completely different number than he called me on. Different area code and everything. This is the only call/message I've received from him so far... at least I think it is, unless he called me from a different number without leaving a message some other time. I get SO many unsolicited calls. I ALWAYS screen my calls now. This was an incoming call to my google voice number, though, so I can block them without them knowing, but all they have to do is call from a different number and the fake 'number has been disconnected' ruse would be apparent...

    8326034657 (Texas - Houston area) - View details and comments - 1

Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

Huge amounts of data are entered into tellows sites worldwide each day - further comments on existing numbers as well as entirely new number profiles from first-time searches - all thanks to our users. User contributions are key to tellows' central function: the tellows score. Each time information on a number is given, the information is put through a complex algorithm to generate a trustworthiness rating, on a scale of 1-9. The respective score is clearly displayed at the top of the profile page for each number, making identifying an unknown caller possible in a matter of seconds and saving you not only time, but the frustration of dealing with annoying sales calls.

Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

  1. Iritated consumer reported unknown with the number 2124659832 as Telemarketer

    Calls almost every day. Caller ID says Bill Purdy. Very annoying, blocked him.

    2124659832 (New York) - View details and comments - 43
  2. Joe Lamar reported Does not say with the number 9565163884 as Telemarketer

    Junk call from robo telemarketer, selling business loan package.

    9565163884 (Texas - Laredo,Brownsville) - View details and comments - 13
  3. mia reported Providence RI with the number 4014062631 as Unknown

    they just call every day, sick of it. Never leave a mess or speak when I pick up the phone

    4014062631 (Rhode Island) - View details and comments - 32
  4. genia reported microsoft with the number 2142284484 as Unknown

    this guy whom I couldn't understand called said I had been hacked I asked him if he just picking numbers at random because the number he called didn't have a computer linked to it I hung up, he called right back and I tried to understand and then just hung up

    2142284484 (Texas - Dallas) - View details and comments - 46
  5. Shar reported Steve Linden with the number 2155600140 as Harassment calls

    Same thing! Foreign accent, didn't explain what the issue was on the voicemail. Only that it was the wnd attempt, and if I ignore it I could be arrested.

    2155600140 (Philadelphia) - View details and comments - 9