phonenumber list top spammers
phonenumber list top spammers
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Would you like to know who called you?

This is how tellows works

We've all had to deal with the same thing. Your phone rings 24/7 and shows no sign of stopping, but if ever you should pick up, all you hear is the incessant yabbering of a telemarketer or nothing at all. You're infuriated by the anonymous calls jamming your phone line. Is there some way of finding out who is on the other end? Do you pick up or leave it ringing? Who is calling?
Sound familiar? There are thousands of people asking the same question every day. In response to this universal problem, tellows functions as an online database of telephone numbers associated with spam and scam activity reported by you, our users. By sharing your experiences with unknown numbers, you'll be providing vital warning information to other users unsure about whether or not to trust a certain caller. The more information is shared, the bigger the database grows and thus the chance of finding out who's at the end of that anonymous call becomes higher and higher. Thanks to the tellows app you can identify unknown callers on your iPhone and Android! Whilst you are at it, take a look at our various other useful tools in our tellows shop today.
Here at, not only can we provide up-to-date information on regional nuisance-call trends and currently active numbers with the heatmap, we also pinpoint the origin of your call and display it on a map by identifying the prefix.
Used by over 200,000 people daily, tellows provides its services to people in over 47 countries, but is geared specifically towards those residing in North America. Want to hear more? We have some light reading material that might be of interest to you. Check out our tellows blog for news on the latest scams, tellows products and updates in telecoms regulations that affect you or grab a copy of our free tellows magazine,which came together after our many years of experience on the subject of telephone terror and scams. This not only includes important background information about phone fraud but the methodology behind it.

Recently added comments

  1. Angela reported Att with the number 0119831553386121 as Harassment calls

    This person who is calling on this number is doing the same calling my room mate who is my best friend she says yea right nothing but the same and she treats me like crap too so now I know she's working with them too she's behind all of them mistreating me what is her part in all of this Luann who does such a thing to people. Yes you people are not right no cautions wants so ever. What kind of people are you

    0119831553386121 (Rasht) - View details and comments - 1
  2. Angela reported Att with the number +16502851001 as Harassment calls

    So whoever you think you are you need to leave me alone and I mean what I say this shit your doing is going to get you in trouble because I am on to you all. And all the shit you people do are sick in the head need to stop you hear me. Because what you people have done to me is so sick and hateful

    +16502851001 (San Mateo) - View details and comments - 37
  3. Angela reported Att People Luann too with the number +16502851001 as Harassment calls

    People who need to avade your privatcy have a problem with themselfs I don't understand why they doing this but they need to stop all the games They did a lot of hateful things to me with the games they played in my life. And it's sad because if I knew this was going to happen Trust me the trust is gone with my husband for this. He plays a lot games for what reason I don't know. He is doing this because why does any of them need to bug our phone. I don't understand why people need to do this Avading your privatcy for the past 2 years been doing this I don't have a phone for this reason Know doing it to our home phone is stupid. It's not normal to do this to the phone line but I guess they can being married to him you are married to everyone there people just don't mind own business They involved everyone and followed me for I would say 2 to 4 years and still playing games with my life I don't understand he don't love me leave me don't play with people's life's really I don't trust no one everyone are promised something because the way they treat me bad. I keep it real. My life has been a living hell and no one I mean no one does anything to stop all the games and drama and lies that are so sad and betraling and not no one has a cautions Att or family or friends I dont like feeling that I have trust issues its not even my phone it's my moms but I know Att don't fix it And telling me to ride it it is sad. I really don't know why they do it but it's true and you need to ask why they did our phone like this ask Shelia she put our home with phones. That we never used. So please remove the code off our phone

    +16502851001 (San Mateo) - View details and comments - 37
  4. Angela reported Att with the number +16502851001 as Harassment calls

    The person who uses this number has a code on our home phone this person is noisey and avading this houses privatcy and been doing it The person who has this needs to get a life The old phones we had here were given to us by my husbands cousin Sheila I knew they were tabing our phone line These people have something wrong with them. They need to go and leave this house hold alone. No need to do this to our phone lines. ( Need to mind your own business get a dam life. And you Sheila pretended like you were cool my friend nothing but a hater to think I let you in my life all of you are sick in the head. What you want with me. Because I am tired of all your games I don't own a phone because this. Shelia mind your own business girl don't have your stupid phones no more. This has been going on since my husband family fixed the phones here all of them Sara and Shelia both took part on rigging our phone lines. All because my husband let them. I can't even purchase a phone because of these people. They need to leave me alone internet tapered with will not fix it either Even resetting everything it comes right up with them and what they did to our phone. So fixing it unable too because of the code they rigged it with. I told Att too but they are not fixing it. Att signed my parents 2 years

    +16502851001 (San Mateo) - View details and comments - 37
  5. Jade reported unknown with the number 4703573625 as Unknown

    As mentioned above. Got a small postcard that says Home Sweet Home, Congratulations on your new home. Please contact withing 7 days pick up your parcel # XXXXX. No other info. I am not calling so they wont have my #.

    4703573625 (Georgia) - View details and comments - 5

Where does the information on telephone numbers come from?

Huge amounts of data are entered into tellows sites worldwide each day - further comments on existing numbers as well as entirely new number profiles from first-time searches - all thanks to our users. User contributions are key to tellows' central function: the tellows score. Each time information on a number is given, the information is put through a complex algorithm to generate a trustworthiness rating, on a scale of 1-9. The respective score is clearly displayed at the top of the profile page for each number, making identifying an unknown caller possible in a matter of seconds and saving you not only time, but the frustration of dealing with annoying sales calls.

Comments on the most frequently searched phone numbers

  1. Joe reported unknown with the number 8664195000 as trustworthy number

    Manatee County Florida Emergency Services uses this number to notify residents of emergency situations. I get a phone call and a text message about specific emergency situations when they occur.

    8664195000 (Toll-Free Svc.) - View details and comments - 21
  2. Frank reported scammer with the number 9724971400 as Harassment calls

    Received a call on landline from 927-497-1400. Left message saying SOMEONE at this number had an appointment with the SSA. No one at this number has an appointment with the SSA and no one at this number is on SS.

    9724971400 (Richardson) - View details and comments - 21
  3. Eileen reported IRS with the number 4152517510 as Harassment calls

    Fake IRS. Threatens court action.

    4152517510 (San Francisco) - View details and comments - 4
  4. Josh reported Joe BBQ with the number 6025510235 as trustworthy number

    BBQ in phx that reminds me of home

    6025510235 (Phoenix) - View details and comments - 3
  5. phalcon486 reported unknown with the number 7579637007 as Debt collection company

    They are trying to collect on a debt that was cleared more than 5 years. DO NOT ANSWER, DO NOT SPEAK, DO NOT DISCUSS ANY ASPECT OF THE DEBT

    7579637007 (Virginia) - View details and comments - 6