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Types of call: Harassment calls(21) Unknown(20) trustworthy number(10) Cost trap(5) Telemarketer(5) Debt collection company(1) Aggressive advertising(1)
Name / Company: Chase (14) unknown(24) Chase Card Services(7) said chase fraud(1) chase card(1) F**k if I know...(1) Intelligible / For Chase(1) Chase Fraud Protection Svcs(1) "Chase Card Services"(1) manningsilverma(1) gain capital(1) JP Morgan Chase(1) Said chase(1) chase(1) CITI(1) "Chase bank" supposedly(1) crap town morons(1) phony Chase(1) Chase Dispute(1) unknown(1) "Chase Card services"(1) more...
Number of ratings: 78 (deleted: 1)
Search requests: 59399
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 8474269209

Telephone number: 847426-9209
Owner and address: Details
City : Dundee - USA, Canada

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Ratings for 8474269209 (63 total, ordered by date)

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  1. Dark Sun reported Chase Card Services with the number 8474269209 as Cost trap

    This is a phishing attempt to gather info for identity theft. Do NOT give them any valid info.

    I spoke with Chase. This is NOT one of their phone numbers.

    Denise replied 2017-12-07 20:47:06
    This Chase..It one of their numbers. Its the fraud department.
    Christian replied 2018-01-11 19:23:07
    I called too. This is fraud. Don't let the other people that comment say that it's Chase fool you. The number does say that it's Chase, but call Chase directly and they will confirm. Plus, why would they be calling you. Don't fall victim to this!!
    Lee replied 2018-02-11 03:00:33
    Yeah, ok "Denise."
    uck replied 2018-07-06 18:11:06
    If they are a valid business they will leave a message-not call you 15 times a day at all hours without leaving a message.
    If they don't leave a message the first time, its' one of those damn spam calls again
  2. Amanda reported number 8474269209 as unknown

    I received a call from this number. Did not answer but called back. A recording said it was "chase" and asked for the last four digits of my card.(repeatedly) does not give an option to speak to someone. After hitting # and * and ignoring the requests for the last 4, I was connected to someone. He said he was with Chase, and asked my name and last 4 digits of my chase card. I said this was very weird as I do not have a chase card. Then he asked for my social security number. I asked why would I give my ss # to someone asking about a card I DO NOT HAVE. I asked to be removed from whatever scam bs they were working. Told him I would report the number to Chase and online.

  3. Mark reported unknown with the number 8474269209 as trustworthy number

    Caller said he was from Chase and wanted to know my last 5 transactions AFTER I told him I don't have a Chase card. Ignore this caller...

  4. Creed reported Chase with the number 8474269209 as Telemarketer

    I see many comments say the number is trustworthy and many saying not.

    Simple fact - any scammer can have your caller ID show up with a legitimate number and name. If it's legit they will leave a message which you can respond too. In this case call the number on the back of your card only. Don't fall for the scammers! Personally, they've called a number of times now and not left a message - I checked with chase, they haven't called so will continue to ignore the calls!

    Mark replied 2018-02-05 19:43:58
    Obviously fraudsters have an interest in people thinking an untrustworthy number is trustworthy.

    It's harder to think of a reason anyone would have to call a trustworthy number untrustworthy.
  5. Chase has been reported with number 8474269209 as trustworthy number

    Called my number and had my last 4 digit of CC. Asked me to call Chase Fraud number and I did. Didn't trust that number so I called number on the back of my card, and indeed my damn CC has been stolen and someone was trying to change address, email, and adding authorized user.

  6. Sy reported Chase Card Services with the number 8474269209 as Cost trap

    8474269209 scam call, Pse ignore and dont reply or answer.

  7. lorelei739 reported Chase Card Services with the number 8474269209 as Cost trap

    My phone automatically blocked the call due to high numbers of negative comments. They did leave a voicemail saying they were calling regarding an inquiry I had and to callback phone number 1-844-540-8025 x6581164. I never made an inquiry -

  8. JCH reported number 8474269209 as Chase Card Services

    Received a voicemail on my cell phone and work number. Only my work picked up a message from a heavy accented and soft spoken male saying he's from Chase Card Services. Could barely get the number he provided and extensions (even after listening to the VM 3+ times). The number he left and called from doesn't match my credit card so deleted the message. I would expect an email or text if it was a legitimate claim.

  9. PT Lake worth reported Chase with the number 8474269209 as Harassment calls

    Only call the number on the back of your card. Period. I have reported the call I received to Chase.

  10. The number 8474269209 has been reported as Telemarketer

    scam call, similar to what others have reported

  11. Chase has been reported with number 8474269209 as Telemarketer

    They called twice left by the second time saying this......
    “Hi this message is for a list _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ this is Mia calling from Chase from internal verify recent activity _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ like card if you could please give us a call back at 1-800-454-9078 or call the number on the _⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_ your card _⁠_ are available 24 hours and then he went off those numbers will _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ assist you thank you…”

    Only issue is I don’t have a chase card or account of any type and they had my name. Scam

  12. anonymous reported number 8474269209 as unknown

    PLEASE BEWARE! They call, pretending to be chase. In this case, inquiring on a status of a claim in the company.
    Using name AMIT HARALE. Saying to return his call at 844-540-8025 ext 6581208, which is of course not chase.

  13. Katie reported number 8474269209 as unknown

    They called and said this msg is left for XXX, supposed to be my name. I listened 3 times and couldn't figure out who they were addressing to. Right there I know it has to be a scam.

  14. Jay reported Chase Dispute with the number 8474269209 as Harassment calls

    I called Chase and asked if they had any 847 numbers. Nope, they do not. They said that they do not have a number starting or ending with this number.
    They called for a dispute I had with this Chinese company/PayPal. They said they would call back within a week. I found it so weird how they knew I had a dispute against a charge. I did not give any personal information. They said the phone call would be recorded so I am afraid they may use my voice or certain words like “yes” for confirmation on something.
    I tried calling back and the call did not go through so it is very fishy.

  15. Ktt reported unknown with the number 8474269209 as Harassment calls

    They called me and didn't leave a voicemail. Immediately after receiving this call I received another from a number that I didn't recognize. Spammers/scammers... Even if this number was Chase it still wouldn't make sense because I don't have an account with Chase and I don't have any credit card debt.

  16. Perturbed reported phony Chase with the number 8474269209 as Harassment calls

    BEWARE - They left me several messages and said there was possible fraudulent charges on my credit card. They did have a couple of numbers right, but if felt off so I checked and it is definitely a SCAM!!!! Phishing for info.

  17. sick of phishers reported crap town morons with the number 8474269209 as Harassment calls

    These people need to pound rocks on a deserted island

  18. Nitro Buster reported unknown with the number 8474269209 as Telemarketer

    Nitro Called stating he was from Chase CC Early Fraud Warning. He asked about a CC I did not even have and gave me a number to chase to verify 800-426-9078 which is another fraud number.. Do not give any personal info. He had very limited info on me and gave me a bogus last 4 numbers of a credit card. I called a legit Chase Fraud turned in these guys and confirmed I had no fraudulent charges

  19. Mitz reported unknown with the number 8474269209 as Cost trap

    They called me today... PHISHING ATTEMPT... and they have smartly kept the Chase Call Welcome Dialog.. however I smelled a rat already and it was suprising to ask for last 4 digits of social or the account number ... Also the person who later on i got connected to started with the account number.. ... without satisfying my queries on why they called me... Beware of this number or anyone leaving a voicemail for Chase Card Enquiry..

  20. Reserve491 reported unknown with the number 8474269209 as Harassment calls

    This is a total scam number. Have turned this over to the fraud dept. at my Chase bank.

  21. Cas reported number 8474269209 as "Chase bank" supposedly

    This is one of many phone calls from different strange numbers from these past 2 weeks. I havent answered any, but all seem to be part of "chase bank" after looking them up. Ive never been affiliated with chase bank in my life, nor do i own a credit card, so clearly a scam of some sort.

  22. AAD1111 reported number 8474269209 as CITI

    I got a call at 1147 Saturday, 12/2/17, they left the voicemail message saying they were CITI bank fraud department. I called back the # and it was a recorded message to call back Monday thru Friday 8am-8pm. I called CITI customer service, they said this wasn't their # and their fraud department is open 24/7, 365.

  23. AAD1111 reported number 8474269209 as Chase

    Got a call 1147 from 847-426-9609, they left a voicemail they were the fraud department. I called back and the message said call back Monday thru Friday 8am-8pm. I called CITI customer service and said this wasn't there # and our fraud department is 24/7 365.

  24. adriana reported chase with the number 8474269209 as Harassment calls

    malditos scammers !!!en español para los que ablamos español y podemos ser victimas de los fucking scammers!!!!,te llaman de este numero y te dicen que tu tarjeta esta siendo usada fraudulentamente!! incluso cuando le dije que no tenia cuenta con chase!! estaba lista pa mandarme a costumer center pacerrar la cuenta que le diera my social y nombre etc etc,, cuando le dije que mañana iba a la esquina al banco chase a cerrar la cuenta me dijo que de aqui a mañana podian gastar con la tarjeta y que seria my responsabilidad ,,cuidado no den sus datos por telefono!!!

  25. Cheley reported JP Morgan Chase with the number 8474269209 as Cost trap

    Woman with thick eastern Indian accent called, asked for my husband but had wrong middle initial. I could hear multiple other callers in the background (sounded like call center).I told her she had wrong number and hung up. We don't have any Chase bank accounts. Scam for sure.

  26. James reported unknown with the number 8474269209 as trustworthy number

    This IS Chase. They called me asking questions. I called them back at the # on the back of my card. They verified they had just called me.

    hatchet replied 2017-12-04 18:10:25
    This is BS and Fake dont listen to this idiot as Im sure he is the boss of this company of Pirates :(
    Bart replied 2018-05-04 18:19:42
    This IS NOT Chase and you getting on here saying you called Chase back and they verified the call means you are part of the fraud or you want other innocent people to lose money. Either way you are scum
  27. ... reported unknown with the number 8474269209 as trustworthy number

    Chase Fraud Department

    ... replied 2017-11-02 22:40:11
    If you submitted a dispute on credit card, Chase will call you back from this number
  28. Scott reported number 8474269209 as Chase

    Started calling me a few days ago, never leave a message. Called the 800 number on the back of my debit card. I was told the number was connected to Chase credit cards and she asked if I had one. Nope, just a debit card so she said I should just ignore or block the calls.

  29. Rena reported number 8474269209 as Said chase

    The man called, asked for me (just by my first name) and began telling me that he has been asked to call me to find out about my transactions... R u serious?! Who does this in our time?! With spoofing, those thieves can call u from ANY number and pretend to be a president of the United States...

  30. Sleepy reported number 8474269209 as unknown

    Said they were chase fraud. I hung up and called Chase fraud, they assured me they did not call.

  31. marco reported Chase with the number 8474269209 as Harassment calls

    claimed to be from Chase, definitely NOT.

  32. Brian reported Chase with the number 8474269209 as trustworthy number

    I called the number on back of my card, instead of the 844 number they left since I had recently filed a fraud case. Chase told me they did call and transferred me to their disputes dept. I see a lot of comments saying it's a scam. Just be smart and call the number on your card.

  33. tired of fake calls reported number 8474269209 as unknown

    doing a search by phone number the actual owner is a Detra L. Whitfiled from San Antonio, TX. you can always do a reverse look up with the white pages and it will tell you who is contacting you.

  34. Coppertop reported unknown with the number 8474269209 as Debt collection company

    For me this was a legitimate call from Chase asking why my payment was late and offering assistance! HA

  35. jabe reported number 8474269209 as said chase fraud

    she said there was strange activity on my card and she wanted to know if I used it somewhere, I said I didn't. She wanted to ask more questions but I didn't trust her and said I would check my account and let chase know. nothing strange on my account when I checked.

    jabe replied 2017-08-10 20:57:59
    update: Chase put security hold on my card 8/2 and called me back today. Don't think it is a fraud issue, I think they are concerned because my balance is going higher and they are checking to see if I'm going broke maybe because I've been using it for groceries.
  36. wjn reported gain capital with the number 8474269209 as Aggressive advertising

    attempted to solicit "refund" by offering a generic name for a fictitious customer.

  37. Unsure reported number 8474269209 as unknown

    This number called me, claimed to be Chase Fraud department and asked to verify that I physically had my card. Did not ask for any personal info. Due to the caller being somewhat unprofessional I hung up and immediately dialed the number on the back of my card. They told me that they did have on record that I had been contacted by their fraud department. Asked if they cold verify the number and was told they have too many numbers for him to look up. Going to watch my account very closely just in case and may even call back in a few hours to verify again that it was them. The caller was just too nervous and unprofessional sounding.

  38. kyle reported manningsilverma with the number 8474269209 as Telemarketer

    Another telemarketer....
    Don't waste your time.

  39. Concerned Citizen reported "Chase Card Services" with the number 8474269209 as Harassment calls

    Claimed to be Chase Card Services, calls but does not leave a message. When you call back you encounter an automated request for either your social security or credit card number. I do not have an account with Chase, I called Chase's customer service whcih verified they have no association with this number.

  40. J. Ramirez reported Chase Fraud Protection Svcs with the number 8474269209 as trustworthy number

    I've had recent issues with fraud on my Chase CC. This number called, but I called the number provided on the back of my card. I asked the rep if he could tell me if Chase attempted to call me and, if so, what number would have shown up on my caller ID. The rep told me the exact time they called and that it was from their Fraud department, so it would be the 847 number which was indeed the number that called. So as far as I know, the 847 is a legit Chase/Fraud department number.

    I've heard that tech-savvy scammers can make a legit phone number appear when they call you, so I'd still recommend calling the Chase number on the back of your card and have them patch you to their Fraud department; however, I'd also say if you get this 847 number calling you, it's probably worth calling up Chase to see what the potential issue may be.

    Concerned Citizen replied 2017-04-26 23:24:04
    I called Chase and they stated they have no record of and are not associated with this number. Also when you call this number there's an automated request for either your account or social security number which is a red flag.
    Dark Sun replied 2017-06-10 03:14:01
    J Ramirez appears to be associated wit this identity theft scam. This number is not associated with Chase Card Services. If you get this call, hang up and call the number on the back of your credit card.

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AreaCode Dundee

tellows score for the city : 5
AreaCode: 847426
Postal code : -
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