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Types of call: trustworthy number(18) Unknown(15) Harassment calls(1) Cost trap(1)
Name / Company: Fraud Protection (3) unknown(19) Unity Bank /877.253.8964(1) 'Fraud Detection Center'(1) (877)253-8964(1) Fraud Services(1) EnFact (caller id)(1) 877-253-8964(1) 8772538964(1) Fraud detection agency(1) FAKE BANK(1) Finance Watchdog(1) Bank fruad department(1) 800 Service(1) personal(1) more...
Number of comments: 67 (deleted: 4)
Search requests: 30975
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 8772538964

Telephone number: 877-2538964
Owner and address: Details
AreaCode: Toll-Free Svc. - USA, Canada

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Comments for 8772538964

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  1. Brandi reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    This is a legit call. My card was compromised and they called as soon as they noticed fraudulent activity. You don’t have to give any information except verify your zip code. I’ve had this happen several times in the past and they have called every time to verify if the charges are actually authorized. If you get this call you will need to check with your bank if you don’t want to go through them.

  2. Scam stopper reported Unity Bank /877.253.8964 with the number 8772538964 as Harassment calls

    This is a scam. You'll notice a few people keep saying that anyone who reports this as fake "has an agenda", but I think it's obvious that THEY are the ones with an agenda. Do not call this number. Do not speak with them. If you are concerned, pull out your debit card and call the fraud number printed on the back or walk into your bank directly. Do not call the number they provided. There is nothing for anyone reporting this as fraud to gain, there is everything to gain from the people who keep posting that you need to call the number. Be smart. Listen to your gut. Don't call the number.

    Scott Fleming replied 2018-01-06 05:33:15
    Yes, Hello I am getting calls from this number and I have had enough of this BS.
    Please if you can shut this site down forever would be a great comfort.
    Mark replied 2018-01-31 18:05:31
    Lol I work there it’s a 3rd party fraud prevention call center.
    Mark replied 2018-01-31 18:10:13
    Some bank tellers are unfortunately uninformed, so if you just ask them for the fraud department number they’ll have you call us or card services which is the same call center.
    Ellie replied 2018-04-07 15:27:25
    It is fraud and I am quite concerned as to how they got my work number and part of my card number. Not even my bank has my work number. So I'm going to cancel my card and have my bank issue me a new one.
    Anonymous replied 2018-04-13 16:56:58
    This is legitimate. I got a message from 877-253-8964 (4 days ago, and I had not listened to my voicemails during that time) and they said a hold had been put on my card ending in XXXX (matched) and they gave me a case number. I called my bank and I asked if this was real and they said YES. The rep even gave me the phone number, to verify it was the same as the number that called me, and it was. I called the number back and entered in my case number. A rep responded and said they had suspended my credit card while they checked out unusual activity. But once they got me on the phone, they asked my name, the last 4 of my SSN and the expiration date of my credit card. Between the time they left the message and the time I called back, they had determined it was not fraud and released my card. The majority of the issue was when I was getting errors when trying to purchase something online and I repeated several times. Despite the error message, the transactions did go through to process, however the fraud company only allowed one to actually hit my account. Thank goodness! Now to call the company and let them know their process is broken.
  3. That Guy reported 'Fraud Detection Center' with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    Strange toll free number shows up in my voicemail, saying scary things, I thought it was a scam! Until my card didn't work. I gave the number a call. They didn't ask for anything except zip code and they knew my most recent transactions and it was an easy to use automated system. I told that automated system no personal information and they did not ask for payment. I do not believe this is a scam but instead is a little-known and rather legit fraud detection 3rd party . I contacted my bank, they knew of this company and verified what this number told me as well.

  4. Fuck reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    The # 1-877-253-8964 called saying my account has been closed due to fraud. Googled the number, seemed legit. Then called my bank, they confirmed the fraud. I wouldn't call the number back, but I thank them.

  5. chaco reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    fraud detection for my bank. called back and there had been an attempt to spend $300 in a department store I have never been to. the put permanent hold on my card and I have to go to bank when it reopens to get a new one.

  6. kkneisler reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    This company called and left a voicemail on my phone. I didn't think it was legitimate until I contacted my bank. There had been a charge on my debit card from out of state. It was flagged and declined, luckily. They had already put a stop on my debit card and are issuing
    me a new one. Call your bank if you receive a call or voicemail from this number. Better safe than sorry. To me, everything looked fine on my recent activity but only because they had declined the charge.

  7. Tanya reported (877)253-8964 with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    THIS IS A SCAM. I called and they asked for my account number and pin number, I called my bank directly and they said it is nothing on your debit card. CALL YOUR BANK IF THIS NUMBER CALLS YOU.

  8. Gilbert reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    This is a legit number. I went to my bank ( Credit Human) and they verified that was unauthorized activity. They promptly cancelled my debit card and issued me a new card. Great Service, don't wait to call this number back if they call you!!!

  9. Stephanie reported Fraud Protection with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    LEGIT! Anyone calling this a scam has an agenda of some sort. This is a legitimate Fraud Protection company that monitors Visa debit cards issued by various banks. My husband & I just went through it over the weekend, & I JUST returned from the bank where it was verified. Had they not contacted us by automated message on Saturday, who knows how much money would have been stolen from us. The recording gave the last 4 digits of my husband's card, and a case # to give when we called back. The only info they asked for was hubby's name & zip code. Then we were transferred & they gave us the suspicious activity info. We asked to have the card locked & they did so. Do NOT believe anyone here who says it's a scam. Get on the phone & call them back before you get ripped off.

    CavX replied 2017-07-23 03:29:10
    and the name of this LEGIT! company is? Contact info? Website? Corporate profile? Licensing? TOTAL BULLSHIT!
    Do not call replied 2017-12-02 23:51:52
    I checked with my bank the number was incorrect there was no activity and the case number was too long
    Ellie replied 2018-04-07 15:31:48
    It's not legit. They called my work phone and not even my bank has my work phone number. It's bull, and I have a MasterCard.
  10. Tony reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    The called me and claim there are some potential fraudulent activities on "my debit card", however, I do not have any debit card or even an account with the bank they claimed.

  11. Aaron reported Fraud Services with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    Legit. I freaked out when they called and called and said there was potential fraudulent activity on my account. I did NOT talk to them but called my bank instead. They transferred me to their card services department who verified several purchases. If you are not comfortable talking to them I would recommend you call your bank directly.

  12. Oliveoyl reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    Fraud protection number, gives you a case # to call back about. When you call back, you key the number in, your zip code, and then they tell you to verify a transaction (in my case, they asked if I charged something in Mexico at a drug store, and I am in New York State and never been to Mexico) and if you select no, they put you on hold to talk with someone, who verifies you did not authorize that charge or some others and tell you your card is frozen (already figured that out by then) and to call your local bank to figure out next steps.

  13. JLM reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    Got a call from this number twice. I answered on the second time and it was my bank with a possible fraud alert. Turns out it was legit and had my debit card cancelled and getting the money returned. This is used a lot by smaller banks, I believe.

  14. Dan reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    This number called, left a message. I called my bank directly instead, my ATM card was frozen because I tried using it on a non chip enabled ATM. The company is probably legit but since I didnt call them back and deal with them I cant be sure.

  15. Megan reported Fraud Protection with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    My husband is traveling internationally and our CU forgot to put a note on our shared account, so it was flagged. I called my CU directly and they said it was a legitimate notification from their outsourced fraud alert company. There are a lot of comments here that this isn't legit - if you're still skeptical, just call your bank/CU instead of the number on the voicemail.

  16. Kelltic reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    I was suspicious when I found a recorded message on my phone saying my debit card had been locked due to suspicious activity. Healthily wary, I phoned my bank instead of the number given. Turned out that yes, my account had been locked because some purchases I made on line - several in a row and one to a Chinese company - appeared as though they might be illegitimate.

    The bank representative told me that the company - sorry I stupidly didn't catch the name - is contracted with the bank to watch for oddities in card usage.

    Everything is all fixed now. :)

  17. wizbang_fl reported EnFact (caller id) with the number 8772538964 as Unknown


    Stephanie replied 2017-07-10 22:30:24
    On the weekends it's hard to impossible to reach anyone at a bank. This Fraud Protection company only verifies your name & zip code, and then tells you what has happened. Then they freeze your card until you can reach your bank for further action. Not a scam.
  18. Phil reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    **SCAM**I go through a credit union and they call me personally (same employee every time she is really nice!) ask a set couple of questions and the freud is flagged before so the purchase doesn't go through until its verified by me as a legit purchase And if it a real fraud charge they call and have me come in to the bank 10 mins away from my house and fill out paper work and done since its flagged from the get go no worry about the money after words it5s a **SCAM**

    Phil replied 2016-06-15 23:11:26
    i forgot to say this bu the person lady from my bank never asks my private bank info over the phone as a safety measure.
  19. Sara reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    I was suspicious at first too, however it IS legitimate. They are a 3rd party vendor for my Credit Union (and many other banks).

    I knew when I called I would NOT give them any personal info as a safety measure. They were able to verify me by me just giving them my address (which is public info ... I wouldn't be stupid enough to give my bank password or something). They verified my last several transactions and 2 of them were fraudulent. They canceled my debit card and I got a new card at my bank.

  20. xmaximus4x reported 877-253-8964 with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    Received an automated call from this number, with the message only stating I needed to return the call ASAP and provided with a case number. That was it. Very suspicious. After googling this number, I found it appears to commonly be associated with a 3rd-party fraud detection agency. So I immediately called my bank, and confirmed with them directly that fraudulent activity had just been flagged on my account and the account frozen until resolution. Having not dealt directly with this 3rd party agency, I cannot attest 100% to their legitimacy; however I would say the call, although suspicious in nature, did alert me to a legitimate threat to my bank account.

  21. Pippin reported 8772538964 with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    This was a legit call about fraudulent use on my debit card. Instead of calling this number, I called my credit union directly, and it turned out someone had tried to use my card in another state for $700 only 13 min prior. Good catch!

  22. Rachel reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    It is a legitimate fraud protection company for your bank. And if you're unsure, just call your bank and ask and they will tell you it's good. The first time I got called from this number I called my bank just to be on the safe side and they said it was the company that does fraud protection for them.

  23. Vet Supporter reported Fraud detection agency with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    This IS A legit company, It is a fraud detection agency. There was unauthorized activity on my debit card and the agency caught it.

    I received a call from this number on a Saturday before the banks opened. I'm leary of such calls so I tried to check it online - I ended up here. There was a case number but I didn't have anything to write it down on. When the bank opened I called them and with it being a phone call the bank told me of a charge but couldn't tell me who it was so I wasn't sure if it was a charge I'd made or not. Thankfully the company called back and we got it settled. That number was from 800-279-2674.

  24. Jan reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    I got a call from this number and they left a message that there was suspicious activity on my card. I did not call them, but I called my bank and my bank verified the service is indeed used by them, and my bank took care of the issue. "There are a number of scam artists that will call saying that your card has been compromised in efforts to get you to enter your debit card number. Do Not Give Out That Information! Our Fraud System already knows your debit card number and is only interested in whether or not you've made certain purchases that look irregular to them."

    jen replied 2015-09-10 19:57:10
    lying loser
  25. VCP reported FAKE BANK with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    SCAM ALERT -- this is a Ripoff NOT a Bank DO NOT RESPOND Trying to get your ID and Bank info to empty your bank account !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stephanie replied 2017-07-10 22:36:18
    Why would you tell people this? It is not a scam. It is fraud protection for Visa debit cards. They give you a case # and only have you verify your name and zip, then they tell you what has happened & freeze the card until you can reach your bank. My husband & I just went through it over the weekend, and I'm glad they called us or we could have lost our entire account.
    Isaac replied 2018-03-13 14:33:14
    I work at a bank that gives this number to anyone calling our branch about possible fraud.
    This is a legitimate number.
  26. Lewis reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    Common sense says don't trust a call like that, If it says you have a problem with your debit card, call your bank on a phone number you know is your bank. Don't call this number back, they are scamming!

  27. Shelby reported Fraud Protection with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    Smaller banks go through this service to contact you about *possible* fraudulent activity on your account. They did not freeze or stop any of my purchases, just called to confirm some suspicious activity that was happening on my card was from me. (I was making a lot of large purchases from places that are not local due to my wedding). I did not answer the number but called my bank to be sure it was legitimate and the rep of my bank told me it was.

  28. Mojorison reported Finance Watchdog with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    Fraud protection. They are one of the good guys.

    Dan replied 2015-05-21 16:04:36
    Mojorison - you must be working for them
  29. John reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    I received call from this number about activity a
    on my card turns out to be a fraud protection company some tried using my card so i had to cancel card and get another one

    Dan replied 2015-05-21 16:06:39
    John - knucklehead. Did YOUR bank report the auspicious activity? You must be working for them
  30. Don reported Bank fruad department with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    If you are with a small Bank, this is a company that calls to alert you of possible fraud.
    Either take this call or immediately call your Bank to prevent problems with your account.

    Maddydep replied 2014-09-04 00:18:59
    That is correct we just got a call that someone in the Midwest made a1002.00 purchase in the Midwest
  31. Rich reported 800 Service with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    This number is from a company that monitors your Banks ATM/Debit card transactions and notifies the customer of potential fraudulent activity. I thought it was bogus also, until I was defrauded out of $900. from someone that got my card number. They should use a better ID name.

    John replied 2014-11-05 17:00:52
    This comment is written by the con man. The purpose is let you believe the scam
    Don replied 2015-01-02 17:08:00
    I just got one of these calls and it was from my bank. The service is legitimate.

    I had a situation with employee fraud and they started verifying internet purchases.
    Dan replied 2015-05-21 16:03:24
    This IS a scam. Caller left message last night and claimed that my account was "frozen" due to suspicious activity. Odd, because I used my debit card twice since receiving the message. Called my bank and nothing of the sort claimed by message transpired.Besides, I've had a situation about a year ago of unwarranted access to my card. My bank, not some 3rd party scam, called me immediately
    Not Stupid replied 2015-09-02 22:23:14
    My wife got two of these calls this week, each using a different phone number, both claiming suspicious activity on my card. I called our credit union, and they found no activity...well, I haven't been using my card, so that's what it should be. THIS IS A SCAM.
    Mel replied 2016-01-05 06:01:07
    THIS IS NOT A SCAM and a completely legit fraud monitoring company!!! The call provided full name, last 4 #'s of the debit card and left a reference #. Immediately check account and nothing to raise red flags. Called my CU and they confirmed that 2 charges had been attempted. One for $43.73 in Aruba and one in Texas for $.66. They suspected fraud immediately and declined both charges which is why it wasn't showing them on my account summary. Card was locked and unable to make any further charges. Always check with your banking institutions first but for me, this call was a valid and confirmed fraud protection and monitoring company contracted out by my CU.
    lsc replied 2016-04-11 21:39:01
    this is a real service from the company my bank uses to not allow fraudulent activity with debit card
    Gotcha replied 2016-04-16 02:50:38
    TOTAL SCAM, according to my bank. This caller leaves automated messages claiming to be your bank's fraud department, and tell you that a hold may be placed on your funds if you don't call them back. I called the phone number on my debit card (NOT the number left by this scammer >877-253-8964<) and found that my account has NO suspicious activity, NO hold on my funds, and they recommend that I block this caller because they're a fraud.
    Google it. In May of last year they were aggressively calling people claiming to be a debt collection service. Call the number on your bank card, not the number these people give you. Even after I informed the people at 877-253-8964 that my bank verified all my transactions and everything was fine, he STILL said "we still have to verify your information so we can close this fraud account." I told him my bank said there WAS NO open fraud account on me. He said "well THEY wouldn't know, because WE'RE the fraud department." Don't believe these guys, my bank says it's a scam.
    Bobbie, Sarver Pa replied 2016-07-28 15:49:42
    Same here. I got a call and it was legit, my magnetic strip was lifted at the Sam's club gas pump Tarentum PA
    Who Knows But replied 2017-02-11 21:42:43
    No matter who they say they are, NEVER confirm any information on your account. UNLESS they are telling you everything and you are just saying Valid or Mine Or Not Mine.

    Don't say YES (as there is a scam where they call you to get you to say yes and record it then they proceed to drop out the audio for a few moments come back and say "hello are you there?" they were however playing audio during the drop out and you saying yes is agreeing to whatever was being said. often it's authorizing them to bill for some item and charge the card on file (which is stolen) but with you saying Yes it legitimizes the charge.

    Often the Bank/Credit Union will outsource the fraud protection (often even the issuance of the cards themselves are issued/managed by a larger bank or institution for cost control.) Example: My Credit Union CC and Debit are issued by a larger credit union. The cards still have my CU name on them and look exactly like any other card except if you know where to look you can tell it was actually part of another companies assigned block of numbers. So when I call my CU I talk with their CSR's but if I need to report my card lost I get connected to the other company who manages the fraud & card issuance.

    When in doubt, tell them that you will call the bank or CU fraud department directly as you have their number. When you call them they will often tell you to call 800 whatever and it is the same number that just called you. It's better safe than sorry.
    Not Important replied 2017-05-10 16:15:21
    Number called our business line at 7 am this morning. Too bad for them that we don't open until 9 am. It was a robocall about possible bank fraud on our account. The caller didn't say which account, just our bank and or credit card account may have been compromised. No bank name given. No company name given. Just some random warning call. Yeah, that just screams SCAM. Searched the number and found this website called Stephenson National Bank and Trust website snbt•com/fraud-protection (which is a bank that we do NOT have an account with and have never heard of.
    Stephanie replied 2017-07-10 22:25:08
    Agree. Absolutely legit. My husband & I just went through it over the weekend. Anyone saying it is a scam either has an agenda or got the number wrong. Call them back before you get ripped off.
    Isaac replied 2018-03-13 14:34:38
    I work at a bank that gives this number to anyone calling our branch about possible fraud.
    This is a legitimate number.
  32. carman reported personal with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    It is speaking for a common wealth credit card if you have first cocommonwealth or another bank and received this message please post

    Don replied 2014-09-03 16:41:52
    It is a legitimate call on behalf of your Bank about possible fraud with your account. Either take the call or immediately call your Bank.
  33. niclas reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as Unknown

    they say they were the bank fraud detection company. dont know whether to trust them - does anyone have any information about them???

    Don replied 2014-09-03 14:53:40
    Yes it is a legitimate call.
    If you are with a smaller bank, this appears to be the fraud department for them and it actually is important you take the call, or call them back with your case number.
  34. Arthur reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as Cost trap

    I received this random call. A computer voice wanted me to name the last three numbers from my bank card and then I have the change to win.

    Don replied 2014-09-03 16:45:36
    Think you misinterpreted what the caller said. This is a legitimate call on behalf of your Bank. Either take this call or immediately call your Bank to prevent possible fraud on your account.
    Charlie Sheen replied 2015-04-19 19:09:12
    Arthur, make no mistake....You are WINNING...Now go donate some of your extra tiger blood to a needy warlock.
  35. Nummerdetailseite_Leaderboard_Kommentarliste_3: 0 complain
  36. Trixie reported unknown with the number 8772538964 as trustworthy number

    Totally legit. I went crazy shopping and it was viewed as unusual activity. It was. Called my bank with the case number, verified that I was indeed spending all of my money, issue resolved. Im glad my bank has this type of protection.

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