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Types of call: Survey(19) Unknown(16) trustworthy number(4)
Name/Company: unknown(17) Verizon(10) Unlisted(2) unkown(1) Verizon Wireless(1) Verizon survey guys(1) VzW service rep survey(1) verizon(1) Berizon(1) Unknown(1) Vernell Verizon(1) nothing on cid(1) Verizon Customer Service(1) more...
Number of comments: 68 (deleted: 4)
Search requests: 75919
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 9165898603

Telephone number: 916-5898603
Owner and address: Details
City : California - Sacramento - USA, Canada

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Comments for 9165898603

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  1. Audu2 reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    After dealing with customer svc and being totally happy with the help, literally one minute later this number came to my cell. I don't know the number, I don't pick up. If it happens again, it will be blocked. As said in prior posts, had it been id'd as Verizon I would have answered

    Tiarella replied 2016-09-05 19:17:04
    Me too. I don't answer calls from numbers I don't recognize. If it had said Verizon I would have completed their survey b
    Sid replied 2016-09-16 16:06:16
    Brenda A replied 2016-11-11 15:27:24
    Me two. There's no acceptable reason for it to not say Verizon on it.. I would have also completed the survey as the man that helped me did a great job!
    Anne replied 2016-12-04 22:31:30
    Totally agree, I am so sick of spam calls on my cell. Except for me, this phone number was trying to call me while I was talking to the Verizon rep! Middle of the bleeping call! WTF
    cae replied 2016-12-31 00:09:44
    Thank you all-- you've solved my curiosity! The second time, they left a voice mail ID-ing as Verizon. If they'd start out that way, I probably would have let it go to vm anyway, but at least known who it was.
    Bonnie replied 2017-01-02 20:57:00
    I agree. I don't answer unknown numbers. Verizon needs to fix this! I would have been happy to do a survey. I've always been totally pleased with Verizon and their agents.
    tara replied 2017-01-15 17:16:31
    Ditto on remarks. I would have done survey if Verizon, and if they had noted such.
    Lex replied 2017-02-10 02:22:20
    Same here. Got two calls from this number today after talking to a customer service rep from Verizon. I don't answer numbers I'm not familiar with.
    vee replied 2017-02-23 21:45:56
    ditto .. why not put Verizon .. their loss my rep was awesome also
    Debbie replied 2017-02-28 00:35:43
    After just asking verizon about calls without I.D. it would be to their benefit to add the name. The service was good and I would have responded to the call in a positive way, but I wouldn't answer a call without identification.
    jenniferrut replied 2017-03-09 16:49:52
    I agree if they would have said Verizon I would have gladly taken the survey as the gal I spoke to was a super help. they should send it in email form! don't call I was at work and really couldn't take the survey then anyway
    Professor M replied 2017-03-22 20:37:21
    'This is a Verizon number? Ok well same response - ADD AN ID. But I just spent 45 minutes talking to Verizon about some complex changes to my account. The rep did a good job or so it sounds. I take a WAIT AND SEE approach to all Verizon service reps. This has happened many times with Verizon -- no recognizable ID? I'm not picking it up. And so far, 10 minutes later, no voice mail - hence, not important. BTW the charges for mobile services have become insane. And the PRICE FOR ANY IPHONE IS CRAZY! I don't need a mini-computer I need simple ABC mobile services. The should offer an IPHONE FOR DUMMIES at 1/2 the price and take away all the super complex algorithms and features -- I don't need them!
    Spamhater replied 2017-04-14 19:59:28
    Agreed, I won't pick up a random Cali number.
  2. Kristen reported Verizon with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Verizon survey after you call their support number

  3. Ticked off reported Unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    Called twice, didn't take the calls - caller didn't leave message. Have blocked him on my cellphone.

  4. Jewels reported Verizon with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Call came in with phone number unknown. I do not pick up unknown numbers since there's been so much spam callers. This was at 9am and no voicemail left. At 9:30 am they called 2nd time, this time a voicemail was left. Automated machine saying they were from Verizon and it was a survey from my interaction with customer service yesterday. You just have to call back within 24 hours of the call if you wanted to take the survey for the representative and your experience. If I would have picked up the phone when it rang I would've just taken the survey then. But I am definitely calling back to take the survey. I had a great experience. I used to work for a cell phone provider, not Verizon. So I know this is legitimate. My former employer did the same with their services.

  5. Craig reported Verizon with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Verizon post phone call survey about customer service. I don't want the survey but the number is trustworthy.

  6. alice reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    got a call from this number as 'unknown' twice in early morning. do not answer.

  7. Tim reported Unlisted with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    If it's Verizon there's no reason it shouldn't come up in caller ID as verizon. I don't answer calls that don't have a name

  8. Tim reported Unlisted with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    If it's Verizon there's no reason it shouldn't come up in caller ID as verizon. I don't answer calls that don't have a name

  9. Jean Fergile reported Vernell Verizon with the number 9165898603 as trustworthy number


    Today I spoke to a Mr. Vernell at Verizon, because I was in need of some help on my plan. Vernell started to speak and informed me of all the new changes to Verizon. All I could do was "Listen" to all the wonderful new deals that are now at Verizon. Vernell help me - above and beyond all of my hopes, all expectations was all met. Now; thanks to Vernell at Verizon, I will become a better communicator and have the proper tools to succeed in life. Listening - I learn is a very important tool in life, even if you have to learn it from Mr. Vernell at Verizon. Once again I will like to thank everyone Verizon, but especially to Mr. Vernell for winning the award for "Great Customer Service": God Bless.

    [email protected]

  10. Jean Fergile reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Survey


    My name is Jean Fergile and today I needed to get on the computer to answer a very important call or response. First I had to call my internet provider - Verizion. Verizion is a company that has work for me in fifty USA states or more; as long as you "Pay Your Bill". I want to thank the person or gentleman that help me to stay connected with the world. In less then 5 minutes my, tablet and the internet connection was solve by answering a few questions. 916-589-8603 is a safe call on answering to there "Survey": Thank you to the team at - Verizion.

    [email protected]

  11. spacednow reported Verizon with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Automated survey. Left voicemail after 2nd unanswered call. I had talked to them about a problem with the local tower, and it was they refuse to acknowledge it. They want to troubleshoot our devices. We have 0 problems once 10 miles from town. 3 phones with good signal that often wont ring. We have to notice the missed call msg or new voicemail tone. It takes repeated attempts to make a call. Very frustrating.

  12. Gunner M. reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as trustworthy number

    I just got off the phone with Verizon and about 15 minutes later this call happens, I did not answer. It seems to be a customer service followup, Odd the phone company would have that show on the Caller ID>

  13. anonymous reported nothing on cid with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    I received a call from the # 916-589-8603. Didn't answer it cause no name was on cid and they didn't leave a message. I don't answer the phone if I don't know the number and there is no name.

  14. Willie reported Berizon with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Verizon Survey after speaking with customer service earlier in the day. Left a voicemail with a return number if I wished to complete the survey.

    If it would have come up as Berizon I would ha e answered, however it just came up as Sacremento California so I did not answer.

  15. Eleise reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    From the comments below I realized it was from Verizon. I had just talked to customer service and they answered my question. Had the call shown that it was from Verizon and not just a call from California I would have gladly answered and taken the survey. The young lady could not have been more helpful, kind and polite. I have been with Verizon for years and will continue to do business with them. I just hope they call back so I can let them know just how helpful she was.

  16. Imwithher reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Its Verizon wanting to know about the customer service i had just gotten before this call. They should have it say its Verizon and I actually got a second call 5 minutes later after I didn't answer

    fuzzy4750 replied 2016-07-30 02:04:16
    Yes, Verizon is pricy. But, Sprint is a big scam. Our daughter has Sprint and when they were coming out here to Southern Arizona they wouldn't answer their phone or texts. Come to find out the route they took through New Mexico has ZERO coverage for almost the whole trip, yet Verizon does. AT&T is an even bigger scam and ripped us off royally. Yup, been with Verizon for years and I've not seen any reason to leave them.
  17. Laura reported Verizon Customer Service with the number 9165898603 as trustworthy number

    I didn't pick it up. Left voice message that it was a follow up call to survey my satisfaction with customer service a few hours earlier. Not marketing I am pretty sure. Seems like every business does this lately.

  18. mike reported verizon with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Why would Verizon call and block their name? I did not answer

  19. me83 reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    Verizon sent an automated survey to my number after a HORRIBLE customer service experience today! VERY POOR customer service and a complete waste of time and money. They need to get it together!!!!!

    metoo replied 2016-06-04 16:23:24
    Oh how true as this happened to me today! Just give you the run around.
    cat lady replied 2016-06-10 22:59:17
    Good to know. I had called Verizon earlier this afternoon about an issue - they were very nice, BTW - and just got a call from this number. I didn't answer because there was no name given, just the number and that it was coming from California. You'd think if Verizon wants people to respond to surveys, they'd at least put their name with the number.
  20. Cruzerb reported Verizon with the number 9165898603 as trustworthy number

    Verizon customer service is the best. I have been with Verizon since 2002. They have always been helpful and professional. Always there to help. There service maybe a little more expensive but you get what you pay for. I have heard friends and relatives complain about other wireless carriers and the nightmares they have dealt with. Never had a problem with Verizon. This is a Verizon survey number it is safe.

  21. NO ID = NO ANSWER reported unkown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    call fromA VERIZON customer - very annoyed that they have not yet identified this number. Thus this part of their service is tacky. if they do not intend to update THIS process, they should at the very least ADVISE THE CUSTOMER of the incoming call before they hang up.
    we should not have to go online to ID the number to Verizon. I just got a 2nd call, that survey process is annoying! Apparantly, I may get another call from a supervisor, due to slow teleprompt or voice response!! The customer service was fine, the SURVEY LINE is VERY annoying

    NO ID = NO ANSWER replied 2016-05-07 00:16:22
    This site should be sending these comments to Verizon, 916-589-8603 is long overdue to be identified as VERIZON.
  22. ewh reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    I got a call from this number while I was still talking to customer service so I didn't answer but did google the number which bought me to this page. Aftrer realizing the source as a Verizon survey I rated this number as being very trustworthy. Verizon's service is unparalleled as is their customer service. My contact with both has always been very positive.

    Alex replied 2016-05-02 19:52:15
    Just pray that they never set up a fake tablet on your account (at an authorized store) and then make you spend over a year of calling every single month to have it removed, every single month being assured you are correct, they are aware of it and it will be Verizon is NOT unparrelled in anything, except stealing from their customers and terrible, awful, pathetic attempts at customer service.
    Molly replied 2016-06-10 02:59:44
    I agree with Alex. Verizon's customer service stinks. More than once I have had problems with charges on my account that I have no clue where they came for, the last being Jamaica! Then it's a fight to get the charges removed. This 916.589.8603 has been a chronic problem for me.
  23. Charles reported Verizon with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Called twice within 5 minutes answered 2nd call was a Verizon survey as i had just called to check charges a few minutes earlier

  24. 123 reported Verizon survey guys with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Why are you all so upset that they called to follow up on your customer service call? They take these steps to make sure their customer service is good and work on things that need improvement. Stop being so bitter. I didn't mind taking the few minutes.

    [email protected] replied 2016-04-15 20:33:48
    I totally agree, & just think, your input could make a positive difference :-)
  25. verizonsucks reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    Right after talking with Verizon customer service I got this call.

  26. FERNANDO reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown


    Janed2 replied 2016-04-06 22:58:21
    Call them. They'll make it right. Don't be complacent. They aren't doing this on purpose. Technology and automation still needs the human touch for problem resolution sometimes. Good luck! :)
    Alex replied 2016-05-02 19:53:48
    Wishing you luck, took me OVER A YEAR to have them remove a fake tablet they added to my account. Of calling every single month on it, every month being assured it was being handled. They are the WORST.
  27. Lauren Clark reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    Okay, glad it wasnt some scammer. That same day I got a call from New York. Saw the comments here, and couldnt think why verizon would want a survey,, but I forgot we went there yesterday and picked up a new phone. Service there was beyond amazing.

  28. GLB360 reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    After reading the comments I believe it was Verizon calling as I had just completed a call with their customer service department less than a minute earlier. I don't appreciate it at all.

  29. Storm reported VzW service rep survey with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    These call follow immediately following your use of their call center reps

  30. kimmy reported Verizon Wireless with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Customer satisfaction survey after calling Verizon less than 5 mins ago.

  31. tomror reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    bite me

  32. jim reported Verizon with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    automated calls day after day asking me to take a short survey. I dialed the number back and automated service wants my mobile number, when I don't give it, it says survey can not be completed. GRRRRR

  33. bill reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Verizon has very poor customer service. Acct Rep. claims that Verizon stores are "indirect vendors" and can make up own rules that do not follow corporate. This resulted in huge bill for new phone #'s

    John replied 2016-02-23 01:49:30
    I agree !! I was ripped off by local Verizon vendor.
    Common Sense replied 2016-03-21 22:54:54
    So you went to a reseller rather than a verizon store. Thats your fault. They are private businesses authorized to sell you verizon. Never go to them, sam club or costco are actually the best other than that go to a corporate store. Just look at the sign in the front of the building, if it says authorized dealer run
    janed2 replied 2016-04-06 18:03:37
    I must be missing some context here but it sounds like someone is unhappy with a Verizon-related experience from a Verizon authorized dealer. In my experience as Verizon customer for more than 15 years (and listening to friends who are with other carriers), I'm going to state with confidence that Verizon Customer Service is unparalleled in the mobile phone business. Sure, they cost a little more and there service isn't quite as awesome as their coverage map claims, but when it comes to their customer service teams, they do their best to make situations right and providing reel solutions. With that said, I would NEVER buy a device (with our without a plan) without comparing with a Verizon reseller. In my experience, it's rare when Verizon is ever able to touch the deals offered by Verizon authorized dealers. And once you're a Verizon customer, after purchasing your Verizon-supported device from wherever you get it, Verizon's service teams are there to help. They can solve all your problems (like if YOU drop your phone and crack your screen when you chose to go without a warranty), but their service is pretty outstanding in my opinion. (I'm just a happy Verizon customer and have no direct ties to them other than as a customer.) BTW, the reason I found this thread was because I received 2 phone calls from this phone number and chose not to answer because it was not identified as Verizon. I think as a Verizon customer, it would make some sense to register this phone number as a Verizon number. The 2nd time they called they left a VM.
    Mary Boyd replied 2016-04-10 06:53:05
    I have to disagree, their good customer service is one of the best assets
    Change Carrier replied 2016-07-10 15:01:32
    Verizon continues to claim they have the "best" network, so they can continue to rob us blind. Try other carriers "sprint" for same quality service at a reduced cost. Print claim 1/2 cost of Verizon this only would apply to a portion of the bill but they are cheaper.
  34. Ss nj reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Verizon follow up call survey

    [email protected] replied 2015-11-01 19:31:25
    I was so lucky to get the assistance that I received. My assistant was so thoughtful and helpful. Ebony you are the one who should get a raise in pay
  35. DAJ reported Verizon with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Verizon customer satisfaction survey following up on support call. From California, received in New Jersey.

  36. Android reported Verizon with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    survey about service

  37. Android reported Verizon with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    it's for a survey about your service.

  38. john reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Survey

    Came in as unknown number I do not answer those.
    Typical of verizon & their poor service

  39. CLJ reported unknown with the number 9165898603 as Unknown

    Keeps calling, annoying, won't stop

    John replied 2017-01-20 01:20:42
    I blocked the damn number

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Area code California - Sacramento

Tellows score for the city : 5
Area code : 916
Postal code : -
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