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Types of call: Unknown(36) Cost trap(15) Harassment calls(11) Telemarketer(11) trustworthy number(2) Aggressive advertising(2) Debt collection company(2)
Name/Company: unknown(39) JGV(6) JVG(3) Unknown(2) Microsoft(2) Jon/pcn (?)(1) something tuition(1) jvg(1) Me(1) Jgv(1) SOFTWARE(1) Jvg(1) cable company jvg(1) PREDIKSI TOGEL GOIB(1) IT helpdesk(1) Unknown Name(1) Sara from google(1) JGV?(1) can't hear them(1) 5164536886(1) ?(1) Samson(1) unknown(1) "Steve" with Windows IT dept(1) jjvd(1) PERDIKSI TOGEL GOIB(1) MyCellPhone(1) Bogus Computer Fraud(1) jgv(1) NY area unknown(1) manhasset ny(1) more...
Number of comments: 106
Search requests: 43480
Explanation of score: 1 (trustworthy) to 9 (untrustworthy)

Details about this number 5164536886

Telephone number: 516453-6886
Owner and address: Details
City : Brentwood - USA, Canada

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Comments for 5164536886 (79 total, ordered by date)

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  1. Will Not ScamMe reported Bogus Computer Fraud with the number 5164536886 as Cost trap

    Got a call this afternoon from a scumbag with Asian Indian name & accent. Asked if I was near my computer as his BOGUS BS FRAUD "Company" was sent message that MY computer was experiencing "Software Virus Issues".

    I have received MANY calls from this exact SCAM before and play along with them, telling the caller that I am inputting everything that they tell me to on my keyboard. I usually stretch it out for about 10 or so minutes by telling them that their instructions are resulting in error messages/windows until I am ready to LOWER THE BOOM!

    So finally, I say that I see a message on my screen and invariably the SCUMBAG asks what it is..... well, please feel free to use your imagination(s)...

    And then I tell the IDIOT that if I knew where he was, I would come to his location and rip his F***ING HEAD OFF and S**T down his BLOODY NECK HOLE. This usually FREAKS THEM OUT and they start to go off BUT.... I have the last laugh and get to HANG UP on THEM!

    The reason I do this is so that I am taking up their time and potentially helping some innocent lamb/elderly person from getting that call.... I know in the grand scheme it doesn't make much of a difference but, what the hell... ya gotta try.

    b to the rye replied 2014-10-21 23:58:54
    you the man
    x-man replied 2015-05-10 01:30:44
    unfortunately ...
    I'm unable to get any calls from him, and get to do this because my "Mr number " app hangs up on him ...
    Annoyed replied 2015-06-05 22:28:54
    I simply don't answer if I don't recognize the number. If it is a real call, someone will leave a message.
    Ninji replied 2015-08-06 00:40:59
    Thanks for the most excellent idea...I feel the same way if only I could shoot down the phone connect ion and squeeze his neck until his eyeballs pop out. They won't take NO for an answer and get very aggressive. Calls all hours of the day and night. I have the final say with a call block on my Panasonic phone. May the force be with us all.
    Tim replied 2015-09-20 04:02:55
    That is hilarious, and sounds just like the things that I do.
    moxy replied 2015-10-05 19:45:24
    Same thing for me, i played around with him until he hungup LOL
    Mean guy replied 2015-12-09 19:02:03
    Right on !! Keep up the good work!!
    REY replied 2015-12-21 20:49:08
    Mother Fucker keeps on calling. Poor guy, has nothing better to do than prank call people, he needs to get a life, must be a very fat, ugly guy that no one wants and this is the only way for him to keep occupied. LOLOLOLOLO LOSER!
    David replied 2016-01-16 21:28:23
    I'm interested in getting phone calls. Thanks. Call me.
    hackback replied 2016-02-18 19:36:59
    Best way to deal with these douchebags is to keep them on the line as long as possible. Frustrate them with galactic stupidity - which makes them think they are going to get you. Never let on your are toying with them. I had one on the line for 40 mins. just before he hung up he was paranoid schitzofrenic and screaming obscenities at me. Was telling me he would shut off my computer and erase my operating system. Chuckle. Made my day.
    Ryan K replied 2017-03-27 18:05:15
    They just called my house number and caller ID showed JGV. I said hello 3 times and heard nothing at all on the other end.
  2. Kelley reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Telemarketer

    Scam of course, so after the first couple calls of rude, aggressive crap, I begin: (guy has heavy Indian accent) I become a racist and start with racial slurs directly against HIM. After one more call and me doing the same thing, like answering the call, "hey towelheaded goat-frucker, how's it going?", guess what, he stopped calling. Direct assault on caller since that is what they are doing to us. The "Do Not Call List" is worthless. Attack them back, that is the only way to get them to stop calling. Good Luck all...

    pad replied 2015-09-25 02:31:12
    uh, engaging or answering tells these scumbags that your number is legit. They will sell the # to other scammers and they will also call you non-stop.

    Stupid to engage them
    David replied 2016-01-16 21:29:14
    I'm interested in getting phone calls. Thanks. Call me.
    twons replied 2016-01-20 00:00:48
    See if your phone provider allows the nomorobo service, it's free and works quite well for my mother.
  3. Local Dude reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Harassment calls

    I answer them with Hello, and as soon as they speak I say, "This is the non-emergency number of the *inaudible* Police Department. If this is an emergency,please dial 911...then I put them on hold. One guy stayed on hold eight minutes!

  4. derby reported Microsoft with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    I just receive a call from this number, the guy (indian) start telling me that some unauthorized connections were made from china to my company. I played the game, He gave me some instructions: Press Windows Key + R ... do you see run command.. bla bla... he ask me to run sentences NETSTAT, he was telling me that all my connections were unauthorized (lol).
    Then he ask me to go to: then... I stop him... so... be carefull...

    David replied 2016-01-16 21:30:09
    I'm interested in getting phone calls. Thanks. Call me.
    vrcs replied 2017-03-28 18:08:33
    Remember that he already has your number, can get your address and might be a crazy having a bad day. Better to not answer any unsolicited,unidentified, unrecognized calls. This wastes their time and money when a service for which they are paying is not successful. The DNC does work. It allows you to know any call coming through is in violation and can be assumed a scam. A legitimate caller will leave a message to which you can choose to respond and control. Be smarter than the crooks.
  5. SalMac reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    calls my house at 6am Pacific time - the dimwit does not understand time zones. I have picked up the phone and said nothing, and then the caller hangs up.

  6. jim reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Repeated calls from 516-453-6886. Must be masking number, because I already blocked this number. Undoubtedly Scammer.

  7. Robin reported Unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Someone called my mom saying they were her grandson and needing money to get out of jail. They wanted $2000. He said his name was Mike luckily she caught it as a scam cause she doesn't have a grandson named Mike.

  8. Pete reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Called, shuffled some papers, and I hung up.

  9. Angry reported Samson with the number 5164536886 as Aggressive advertising

    Received a call a few min ago about a "lower interest rate" on credit cards. I connected to a person and asked to be removed from the marketing list and Samson stated he was not selling anything. I asked him to remove my number from his list. He would not comply. He kept trying to hit on me and said he would call me everyday. Creepy.

  10. Revenge reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Several calls, no message scammers

    When I answer and play along I cannot get my computer to respond, therefore baiting them

    They ask to find the Microsoft Flag, and I cannot locate it ...Due to bad eyes, computer "viruses" etc..Make up your own excuse

    At the end of my reversal efforts....I ask them if the flag is hiding behind the APPLE logo

    Wastes their time etc

    Merry Christmas to all

  11. Deb reported JGV with the number 5164536886 as Cost trap

    As most have said middle eastern sounding but if someone is good they can fake it. Anyway, the same scam with the computer, you need to sign in to the computer bit. They called the wrong house, just like the night the "IRS call did". By the time I was done with "asking" them questions, asking for badge numbers, asking for supervisor numbers, and badge numbers, well you get the point. THEY hung up on me. Know your legal it is more fun to watch them stammer.

  12. hatesphoneycalls reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Caller had what sounded like a middle eastern accent; claimed to be from some "Windows support" and that my computer was "sending error messages" and he would help me fix my computer! (Yeah, right!) Proceeded to try to get me to open the Windows Run box and type in some stuff... "I can help you fix your computer..."
    I asked how it was that my phone number was (supposedly) connected to my computer & how he got that number? (I didn't mention that I use WiFi and that my WiFi has nothing to do with my cell#)
    I refused to type in the things he said and told him I was NOT going to give him access to my computer. He claimed he wasn't trying to access my computer but was trying to help me "fix the errors..." (Whatever, dude! Still not going to type in that stuff... Not going to give a complete stranger, especially one who randomly called me, access or my trust!)
    He gave me a call back phone number of 888-502-2596. I'm betting that is another bogus phone number (there are some reports on that number as not legitimate -- and that "888-502" does not exist as a legitimate combination!

  13. Maude reported ? with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Did not answer. If they know me or who they are calling they will leave a message. They never do.

  14. MADASHELL reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Debt collection company

    I get harrassing phone calls everyday at work, cell and home phone. I'm so tired of it....They really get mad when I don't confirm my personal info.I am so damn tired of the call!!!

  15. richard gozinyah reported can't hear them with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Did some digging and this number is some how associated with N.A.M.B.L.A.
    Probably a scam fund drive so they can fund candidate (s) of their choice.

  16. Our government will not help reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Cost trap

    I have reported this number to the Do Not Call center but our government is more interested in protecting and defending the criminals than in protecting and defending the victims. I blame more our institutionalized government than the actual criminals who make the calls.

  17. SickOfFuckBags reported 5164536886 with the number 5164536886 as Debt collection company

    I have never owned a CC and so you telling me you can reduce my CC intrest is amusing.... That being said, I seriously hope each person working for your company gets meningococcus and dies slowly and alone. But don't you worry while we wait for this to happen, i openned a new FB group where everytime anyone is having a bad day they will call your number and curse at you until they feel better! Thank you for this oportunity there are few people that can recieve this sort of abuse that won't cause a quark of empathy... glady you are one of them. Enjoy all the Voice Mails you shit-eatin dog fuckers. Talk to you soon!

  18. Calmommy reported JGV with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    I have been receiving calls everyday from the number 516.453.6886 since 12/30/15. I have not answered their calls. Today 1/5/16,an American sounding man left a message telling me that they didnt appreciate all MY calls because they were in Spanish and they couldnt understand them. He asked me to take their number off my call list.
    I havent called them once. Do you think they want me to take the bait? I'm tempted to call them just to hear what they have to say. Not sure its worth the effort.

  19. Jane Doe reported "Steve" with Windows IT dept with the number 5164536886 as Harassment calls

    I received a call from 516-453-6886, answered the phone and a man with a heavy Indian accent who called himself "Steve" told me my computer had a virus...I've heard it before so cut him off and said, not interested, don't call here again, you're just another scammer; at which point he began yelling at me so I hung up. A few minutes later phone rings again from 000-000-0000, I answer it and it's the same jerk and he starts screaming at me, and I quote: "F*** you, you b***h, come here and s**k my d**k you f***ing b***h, f**k you you American f***ing w***e b***h.
    He then set his computer to auto dial my number every 60 seconds. I had to block all numbers with that area code to get it to stop.

    SKS replied 2016-01-12 17:10:20
    Same thing here. Just happened today. This is so annoying because my doctors I work with have a number from Manhasset so I always answer that. So frustrating.
  20. Ward reported JVG with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Sounded like woman from India calling saying she was Medicare and had free neck or back brace for wife. Had ID info on wife to make claim sound legit. Said she didn't want any information and claimed it is not scam. Didn't believe her.

  21. Ward reported JVG with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Sounded like woman from India calling saying she was Medicare and had free neck or back brace for wife. Had ID info on wife to make claim sound legit. Said she didn't want any information and claimed it is not scam. Didn't believe her.

  22. chas reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    i have a digital display that tells me if it is overseas and it displays the number as well the phone is set on silent so it does not bother me, do not ring back you may get a large phone bill and you have to pay it as you called so do not call back.your bill could run up to thousands of dollars. so go for silent ringing and digital display it gives you peace of mind and it does stop them ringing as they want you to answer just to harass you.this is the first call in 6 months from overseas so it does work.

  23. Smarty reported jjvd with the number 5164536886 as Telemarketer

    Said he was calling about energy & knew our last name. I hung up on the guy with an incoherent Indian accent. Also, much noise in background so I knew the call wasn't legitimate,

  24. Clevie reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Scammer, fake MS Techincian

  25. Victim reported JVG with the number 5164536886 as Cost trap

    Got call from marketer saying he worked for MSFT and I was not getting windows updates. If I would just....... Could not understand through the thick accent. very suspicious crap

  26. TAcosta reported NY area unknown with the number 5164536886 as Harassment calls

    A man with an Indian accent calling me baby, moaning "oooh," and making sexual innuendo when I asked if I could help him.

  27. Jessie b. reported Unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    They call me every day and I have blocked the number but unfortuntely I still get a silent notification showina a blocke call and it upsets me. I insulted the girl that called on Friday and she was just silent so I hung up. Since then they have called me twice this weekend and Monday afternoon. I hate this and there seems to be nothing we can do to stop it. They are using spoofed numbers to make it seem local too. I won't fall for their scams but the harrassing calls need to end.

  28. DEVIL DOC reported jgv with the number 5164536886 as Harassment calls

    the call was answered by my wife and the man with a heavy Mid eastern accent started calling her baby and being sexualy explicit with her so she gave me the phone I told him he sounded sexy and I wanted him in a sexual explicit way and that my manhood size was 45 automatic but not to be alarmed because the climax would blow his brains out

  29. Fed up reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Called around 9pm and hung up when I answered the phone.

  30. Yass reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Cost trap

    I'm from Mexico and they keep on calling everyday. Once they told me something about a debit card complimentary insurance that I "won" for purchases made on USA. I have not been in the US for the last six months, so I immediatly knew it was a fraud.
    I had no idea that a spoofed number can actually look real.
    Unfortunately I can't block this number and it's VERY annoying.

  31. Retired wife reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    The person said he was calling on behalf of Medicare. Wanted to know if I or my husband (he knew my husbands first name!!) had received a back brace. I said bye and hung up. I want to know how he knew my husbands name

  32. jjones reported JGV? with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Got call from jgv 516-453-6886. Said thery were from Dell, have my machine info and wanted to do remote clean up of errors found on Windows event viewer. Told them i would call Dell direct. I did, Dell said they don't call customers to offer to fix software problems and they had been getting call from other customers, same deal. Conclusion, scam or worse...

    mltant replied 2015-09-10 18:43:20
    I got a call like that on my work phone today "from" Microsoft. They told me that I could not get our IT staff involved and that I could fix everything wrong with my computer through my keyboard. I hung up.
  33. dae reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    The guy that called me from this number told me he was with national security.

  34. IBU SUKARTI reported PERDIKSI TOGEL GOIB with the number 5164536886 as trustworthy number

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  35. No I didn't reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    When I actually get these guys on the phone, I tell them I'm watching porn, and I'd be happy to assist them, but I just need to ... um.... finish.

    While doing that I type in ANYTHING to google to get me to a porn video quickly.

    Then I put it on speaker phone and let them enjoy.

    I then go do anything else. If they stay on the line, I make some sounds like I'm really having trouble getting off.. .ALMOST THERE!!!! ALMOST THERE!!! MOMMY!!!! SPANK ME MOMMY!!!!

    "sorry this is taking so long.. I'm not used to being listened to..."

    Best case scenario, they are really religious and they go kill themselves for the sin of porn. Worst case scenario, it ends up on an PRANK CALLS OF INDIA CD and they get sued by the porn maker.

  36. Ur plumber reported Microsoft with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    States my computer has sent messages to Microsoft with viruses and malicious codes.

  37. Britt Petros reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Leave me alone you creep.

  38. siegfried89 reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown

    Pretend you are a retarded serial killer like in the horror movie "Black Christmas". This tactic really works and you will never get this call again.
    I used it on a phony IRS call.

  39. matt reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Unknown


  40. Mike reported unknown with the number 5164536886 as Telemarketer

    called me today, trying to sell medical alerts bracelets.
    we need to rethink our strategy on these do not call list violators
    don't hang up, don't press X to be put on do not call list, none of that works.

    Press the button like you are interested, wait till you get a live person and waste as much time as possible. Doing this will actually mess up the economics of them doing this.
    1. Hold on i'm getting another call
    2. Hold on my wife is coming and she handles this.
    3. Hold on someone is at the door
    4. Hold on the dog is barking
    5. "Can you repeat that"

    Robocalls are basically free but the people cost money, try to get 20-30 mintues out of them

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Tellows score for the city : 5
Area code : 516453
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