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Set 4158581458 on a blacklist

Blacklisting is a two edged sword. On one hand you can your number with the Do not Call List in order to get rid of unsolicited calls, on the other hand, you can aim to blacklist the incoming number of the caller. As always there are multiple approaches to this topic.


Blacklist Your Number

Thanks to the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007 the Do-Not-Call List (DNC) has been fortified to further vanguard the protection of consumer rights. Upon registering with the National Do-Not-Call List serious telemarketers will cease to call you, if they don’t you can file an complaint with the DNC. Telemarketers are required to the DNC every 31 days update to removed any number they find on the DNC List from their call list. Learn more…

Register with the National Do Not Call List.

Blacklist Inoming Calls
The first step to blacklist a number is to inform your provider about the unsolicited calls. Some providers are known to offer an extra service to block calls from specific numbers – a service that is often fee-based. The next step should involve a closer look at your own telephone equipment. Mobile phones may sport apps that can block calls, routers may import list of numbers you would like to have blocked. Consult the gadget’s manual if your are unsure whether your devices employ such features.

In addion to your own efforts it is recommended to file complaints with the state authorities. These have the power to fine, charge, prosecute the caller and shut down the telephone number completely as well. Since bureaucracy takes its time the only way to accelerate the process is not only to file as many complaints as you can but also to provide as much information on the caller as possible, i.e. time of call (when and how long), callers name, content of call, etc.

File complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Some VOIP providers may offer the blacklist feature. This will help reduce the number of incoming spam calls. However; since the number of spammers is constantly increasing, it won’t be possible to block all spam numbers.

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