Romance scamming is a real thing: don’t be fooled by their Valentine’s tactics!

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Richard Grant - Expert in Telecommunications and User Protection
Richard is responsible for tellows' Consumer Protection department and is responsible for investigating all matters relating to telephone fraud, with a particular focus on developments in the telecommunications sector. Last updated: Feb 7, 2024
As Valentine's Day approaches, love is in the air—but so are romance scams. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported a staggering $1.3 billion in losses due to romance scams in 2022, with nearly 70,000 people falling victim. Don't let the season of love become a season of deception; arm yourself with knowledge to spot and avoid romance scams.

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Official Romance scam reporting phone number

Red Flags of Romance Scams:

  1. Love Bombing: Scammers often use the technique of 'love bombing,' expressing intense emotions in a short period to manipulate victims emotionally.
  2. Elaborate Stories: After gaining trust, scammers spin elaborate tales with a sense of urgency, seeking money, gifts, or personal information.
  3. Desperation: If their requests are denied, scammers may become desperate, persistent, and direct. If met, they often ask for more.
  4. Broken Promises: Scammers frequently make excuses for not meeting in person, citing emergencies and requesting more money.

Scam or Fraud Calls Related to a Romancing Agenda

tellows users submitted to 10 different phone numbers a total of 21 ratings.
PhoneNumber Ratings Caller Example Score
5707088780 4 Bear411 Scam dating service offering mature fit men for service. 8
3236435774 1 unknown Nigerian romance scammer, will ask for money. do not believe anything he says.. may use the name Je 8
+447405175270 1 James Donald Jr Its a romance scammer 8
+12149034642 1 unknown Romance scam from Africa... Robert Herman born in Phoenix.. like soldier from Kabul. I pay 4000usd. 8
+447514581053 1 Chung Lee or asian name It was the number catfisher use to communicate through Whatssapp. Tried to romance scamming. Pose as 7
2024556418 2 Ashlen Romance scam 9
8002239797 3 Spam Call Todd Di Roberto and Aza Olival convinced the employees and management at Great Call Jitterbug in Car 7
8007506714 2 Imposters scam keeps emailing me spam and is some fake dating website. This is their number in the 8
3349012299 1 unknown Individual uses spoofed numbers and dating apps to blackmail individuals 8
+16314839352 5 Daniel Griffinn He preys on elderly women, attempting to extort money and exhibiting persistent behavior. Operating 9

Protect Yourself with These Tips:

  1. Verify Identities: Use reverse phone lookup tools like the tellows app to check the legitimacy of unknown numbers associated with romantic interests.
  2. Stay Cautious on Social Media: Romance scams often start with unexpected private messages on social media platforms. Be wary of unsolicited love interests.
  3. Beware of Investment Offers: Some scammers pose as successful cryptocurrency investors offering to teach you, but any money you invest goes straight into their pockets.
  4. Fake Packages Scam: Scammers may claim to send you a valuable package, asking for money for customs or fees. It's a ploy—don't fall for it.

tellows Insights for a Scam-Free Valentine’s:

tellows, a leading platform empowering consumers against scams, offers valuable insights into romance-related phone scams. By categorizing phone numbers based on tellows scores, consumers can assess the risk associated with each caller. Don't let romance scams break your heart this Valentine's—stay informed and vigilant.

All data was last updated on Feb 7, 2024. The phone numbers examined were categorized using the tellows score (1 - serious to 9 - dubious). This indicates the risk assessment of a telephone number. The higher the score, the more dubious the caller is. Calls with the Romance scam categorization and the number of reported phone numbers were examined. The analysis only takes into account numbers for which tellows users have assigned the topic of romance scams.

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tellows Insights Report