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Every day, thousands of people search for phone numbers associated with Amazon. Thanks to the tellows community, we can categorize these phone numbers and identify the call as soon as the phone rings (more on tellows solutions).

Amazon calls can be divided into 3 categories:
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Official Amazon Numbers with Positive Rating

tellows users submitted to 8 different phone numbers a total of 189 ratings.
PhoneNumber Ratings Caller Example Score
2064532329 18 Amazon Delivery amazon delivery -- called because they had an issue with getting in to deliver a package 2
18882804331 4 Amazon Customer Support Amazon support 2
2069220880 137 Amazon Customer Service I interacted with Amazon customer service 11/12/22 through the website where I opted they call me. I 4
8888927180 4 Amazon Employee Center This number is frequently used by Amazon employees following up on resource issues and complaints. B 1
2065771304 9 Amazon Authenticator Provided a code to activate my kindle. 2
18007235533 3 Wells Fargo Bank I panicked and called the number on the back of my card. I was informed the 800 number was the Wells 2
8666348379 11 Amazon I called the number after getting a robocall that I needed to act on my Amazon store card. I double- 3
2062664399 3 Amazon Either this is a legit call -as I had an ACTIVE issue/complaint with an Amazon order at the time I r 5

Official Amazon Phone Numbers
If you are an Amazon customer and you encounter problems with your account or order, you can get contacted by one of Amazon's official phone numbers. Official Amazon numbers are rated positive on tellows, but were also sometimes classified as spam. Amazon phone numbers are often the target for spoofing and scam and therefore not all numbers in the display claiming to be Amazon are actually Amazon service employees.

An Amazon employee may call you with one of those numbers if you requested help on the website: 2069220880 or 2065084051.
Such a callback can be requested via the contact form.

With the launch of Amazon's own delivery service Amazon logistics, outbound calls from the company have soared. The Amazon delivery driver calls to deliver items in absentia or for any queries about the delivery. If you are using one of the common carriers for a delivery that is not carried out by Amazon, you can ask for details about your delivery contacting the carrier directly.

For a high Amazon account security, Amazon suggests activating the 2 step authentication. In this case, you will receive a code via SMS by Amazon to log in securely or use the authenticator app by Amazon.

Amazon will also contact you if you are a seller who has requested help through the platform. Those who have applied to Amazon through the jobs platform may also be contacted by the Amazon human resource department if they have any questions.

You can use the Amazon Alexa Find my Phone service to make it easier to find your phone once lost. To set up the service, you will need to tell Alexa your phone number and you will receive a code for verification. Amazon is using 4 outbound phone numbers for calling your phone in case it is lost.

Amazon Partners
Amazon has over 40 subsidiaries. For customers using services offered by Amazon like Audible, Zappos, the online pharmacy PillPack or the Amazon Credit Card you might be contacted by an Amazon partner company or one of their call centers. Phone numbers from those services are often rated positively on tellows.

If you are the owner of an Amazon credit card (e.g. Amazon Store Card or Amazon Secured Card), the card will be issued by Synchrony Bank. The bank might call you if there are problems with your account or if there are service offers for your credit debt.

Amazon Scams

The last category of phone number ratings assigned to Amazon are scam or fraud calls. These calls are rated very negatively. We recommend blocking these calls with our tellows solutions.

Scam or Fraud Calls Claiming to be from Amazon
tellows users submitted to 35 different phone numbers a total of 212 ratings.
PhoneNumber Ratings Caller Example Score
8656696225537 80 Silent call Call was today at 11:39 am telling me someone tried making a Amazon purchase for a iPhone 11 through 8
6264657906 5 Amazon Bridge Support Called telling me I ordered something, Hung up, Amazon will never call 8
4752609962 3 Spam Call Pretends to be Amazon fraud department 8
7748283686237 31 Spam Call Left 3 second message saying "Amazon account will be charged". No return call info or anything 8
3147885896 4 Amazon Scam Called stating he was from Amazon Fraud department 8
4699825002 13 Scam caller spoofing Pretending to be Amazon 8
4699825000 6 Debt reducing fraud With so many more of us at home, we are online shopping more than we used to. And criminals are c 8
8018822764 2 Joseph Liddell, SCAMMER Texted claiming my debit card was charged to Amazon for a computer. Had to call the number to verif 9
01923 1 unknown Called today at around 11.30 am claiming to be calling on behalf of a bank fraud company. A recorde 8
+393315787966 1 Roberto Rizzieri, Amazon (?) Questa "persona" quando chiama (potrebbe contattare telefonicamente o inviare direttamante un messag 8
There are a variety of different scams that abuse the Amazon brand. The FTC reported that 1 in 3 impersonator scam reports have claimed to be an Amazon employee. The reports of Amazon scams multiplied 5 times by last year. The loss due to scams by Amazon imposters was $27 million in the past year. Especially older people are targets and reported having larger losses.

Phone numbers used for fraudulent intent are often active for a short period. Scammers generally change phone numbers more often because more people may fall for the scam when calling from new numbers that do not yet have a history or ratings. For many of these numbers, we record a particularly high volume of searches over several days.

Scammers are often using phone numbers that are similar to the official Amazon service numbers. With the help of spoofing they can also manipulate the caller ID in the phone and make it look like the call comes from a legitimate Amazon phone number. This results in official phone numbers being mistakenly reported as fraud.

The Amazon brand is often abused to obtain the data of those called. tellows users report phone numbers where the caller pretends to be an Amazon employee to gather personal data and asks questions about the account and orders.

Some of the most common frauds reported in connection with Amazon are callers informing about the Amazon Prime renewal. Fraudulent charges on the bank account are a typical scam. You are told that there has been a deduction fee on your bank account. Some callers may also tell you that someone made a purchase with your account for an expensive good (e.g. an iPhone or gift cards) and there have been charges for your account. You are asked to call back or give info about your account to check the transaction. In this case, the scammers are trying to get your personal details and account access.

In some cases an automatic voice tells you that someone is making purchases in your name with your Amazon account or visa card and you should press 0 or 1 to stop it. The voice messages are very short and not detailed. They are trying to raise panic to make the victim call back or press a button out of fear.

Lotteries and sweepstakes are often used to bait people making rushed decisions. Text messages telling you that you won an iPhone, MacBook or an Amazon Prime subscription as a prize that you never entered are very suspicious. The SMS scammers attach a link to the message. Once clicked, you need to enter your personal details. This data will be sent to the scammers to access your account. These SMS phishing methods ("Smishing") are very popular with scammers and are also adapted for realistic-looking fraud emails.

Another scam approach is used by callers pretending to be an Amazon technician. You receive a call that there was fraudulent activity in your account and asked to call back. Once you call back they try to access your computer with remote control to "verify" your account. Once they have access to your computer, they can install all kinds of software and retrieve your private information or lock you out.

Help with unwanted calls from Amazon scammers

To protect yourself against scam calls, you just need to follow a few simple tips:
  • Amazon never calls you without a prior request from you, and never asks for sensitive information on the phone.
  • Amazon also does not ask you to update or submit your information via email or text message.
  • Do not press any button on your phone if you are told to do it by a robo voice.
  • Do not provide your personal account information to other websites.
  • Do not call back a number from a missed call. Rather reach out to the official Amazon contact if you are not sure whether something is wrong with your account.
  • If you receive a call from a dubious number, hang up immediately and block the caller.
  • Amazon also lists tips for recognizing and dealing with scam calls on its site and suggests reporting to the FTC.
How can tellows help you with unknown calls?
  • Searching for the unknown number on will help you assess the caller.
  • tellows offers an app for iOS and Android to detect unknown calls directly when they ring. So you can be sure that an actual Amazon employee is calling you. Phone numbers with fraudulent intentions change very quickly. Dubious classified numbers such as fake amazon assistants can only be detected and blocked in time via the app.

tellows Insights for Journalists

This detailed research was created by tellows Insights. In doing so, the experts combine unique tellows data with expert knowledge and extensive research. tellows evaluates thousands of ratings every day and creates statistics and data clusters on relevant numbers and new scam schemes. This allows the focus to be placed on actually active callers and new dubious phone numbers to be quickly identified.

The tellows Insights team uses the unique tellows database. This allows detailed studies to be created. The team is happy to answer your inquiries. All graphics and data can be used for editorial purposes when credited with the source.

All data was last updated on 11/01/2021. The investigated phone numbers were categorized with the tellows score (1 - trustworthy to 9 - dubious). This indicates the risk assessment of a phone number. The higher the score, the more dubious the caller. Calls with the categorization Amazon as well as the number of reported phone numbers were examined. The report only takes into account numbers where tellows users have assigned the company name Amazon.
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